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Maybull is still having old dog problems

The doctor still doesn't know what's wrong. She says that 'old age is not a disease,' but I know that all of us wear out at some point. Maybull is having three more tests tomorrow – today cost more than $1,000 and tomorrow will be $550. We are not rich and this is getting difficult, but Maybull comes first. She seems comfortable and is not in pain, so that's good. Treatment, depending on what they find could be steriods or more antibiotics or something else. But, you all know that bulldogs are the best and deserve the best. It could be heart related or lung related but her heart is beating very slowly – 44 to 50 beats a minute instead of the normal 80.

Thanks for thinking about us. I'll post again when I know more after tomorrow's tests.

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I will keep you and Sweet Maybull in my thoughts..

And prayers. Hugs Steph....


Amy and Sophia

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hugs maybull

and mom and dad!



Mack 'n' Tillie Mae Mack



attitude is altitude!



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Bulldogs changed our life!!!!!

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Love to Maybull and her parents

So sorry for what you are going through. We know all too well the stress of balancing the financial impact of care with the stress that our precious baby is sick. Rebel's cancer treatment has not been cheap. I find myself thinking, ok so $2500 for surgery we do have that, it took us a while to save it, but for six more months with my best friend isn't that worth it?? And I just have started to not answer people when they ask how much this is costing. They just don't get it.

Praying for your family. Please let us know how her tests are today.

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(((hugs))) it's never

(((hugs))) it's never easy sweetie,but i think we'd

all exhaust every venue and spend our last dollar...

just to keep them w/us longer,pls keep us posted steph

and ofcourse dbl smoochies the divine ms.m

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hope everything goes well

my thoughts an prayers are with your family at this time....


Cory & Penelope