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Maybull having old dog problems (a little long)

Poor Maybull. She was having trouble breathing starting about a month ago. She's wake up, pull her front end up, lift her head and breathe like she was having trouble getting air. I called the vet who said, "Bulldogs make noises," but I said, "This is different." We took a video and sent it the the vet and he had her come in. THEN, he referred her to a dog cardiologist.

She's had two sets of x-rays and was put on antibiotics. Really, really expensive antibiotics. She's been on the pills for about three weeks and they renewed her perscriptions. That's about $660 a round, not counting the x-rays and the checkups. There are more tests and xrays to follow. But, she's feeling much better. Plus, the vet and the specility vet has been very good about helping us find the best price for what Maybull needs.

My attitude is, spare no expense. She's my little heartbeat and as long as she's not in pain or serious discomfort, I'll get her what she needs. (I can do without a few luxuries, like food, until she's all better.)

She doesn't like taking her pills, though. WE started hiding them in thinly sliced turkey and then she got wise to that. Then, it was cheese. (Expensive cheese). Then it was pills tucked into ravioli. Then wrapped in ground beef. Today, David fried up the little beef meat ball enough so that it smelled yummy and she ate them. The vet tech suggested squeeze cheeze. We have to give her four pills 2x a day until the second week in June. Any suggestions?

Oh Maybull

it stinks getting older.

Stephanie, have no other suggestions for giving pills. Sorry to hear that Maybull hasn't been feeling well. I know all too well what it is like to have to face the vet bills but, my heart is much stronger then my pocketbook.

Hugs to the patient


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hello lady!

.....i know you know..........hugs to y'all!! talk soon..........



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oh.....we'll be saying prayers for sweet sorry

she is having a rough time, poor girl!!! :-(    I USED to use little pieces of Velveeta to get Meaty to take his pills (Sophie has never been

on any pills, thank Goodness!)  The only thing about cheeze is that I always thought even a SMALL piece has too

much sodium and fat for them?  I was surprized when our VERY knowledgeable bulldog vet suggested Velveeta, but it worked!

Since Meaty is on Thyroid medicine twice a day, we've been using those "Pill Pockets"....we get the ALLERGY formula which is

made with Duck and Peas (ohhh, they STINK!!!), but Meaty ALWAYS takes his pills now....maybe you could try those?...


I know what you mean about sparing no expense.....our babies are just too precious!!!  I pray that sweet Maybull will get better,

and when Meaty and Sophie  wake up,  they will join me in prayers for their sweet friend!
Glad that you sent a VIDEO to your vet---what a GREAT idea!  And amazing how the vet dismissed her breathing issues until

you sent it.!!! SOOO happy you did that!!!  (( hugs )) to all of you and Maybull.....I know it's hard to see your baby going through this! :-(



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Fussy Maybull

Last night, she spit out ground beef with a pill in it. She won't eat the pill pocket, even without a pill in it. I haven't tried Velveeta yet. She loves blue cheese (it's what I have in the fridge) but now has gotten wise that it if there's a pill inside.

She's getting better. Her breathing episodes are shorter and less frequent. We've got almost three weeks to go before this pill stuff ends. At least. Thanks for the advice. I'm trying different foods and when she gets wise to one, maybe she'll try another.

Get better sweet Maybull!

Sending you prayers!


  Miss you sweet boy Otie (July 29, 2013)



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When all else failed

I would wrap Stella's pills in a french frie.  There is no way she would say no to that.

Take your meds, sweet Maybull. They help you fell better!!

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Try Cream Cheese

We use cream cheese and puppy biscuits to give pills.   Dogs get them without pills as a treat and when they need pills they take them without question.  Good luck -- these guys can be really smart about pills being slipped to them.



Wimsey Bulldogs

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Sweet Maybull...

have you tried liverwurst? I hope she's feeling better soon and please give her a kiss from Zimmer & I :)


Cathy & Zimmer



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When I had to give Doyle his meds I hid them in spoonfuls of tasty canned dog food. He was partial to Natural balance, but I was sure to feed it to him with a spoon and kind of shovel it in.

Hugs to Maybull.

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I feel on the $$$...Rebel is

I feel on the $$$...Rebel is running us about $1000 a month now, but it's been 2 1/2 months since his diagnosis and they acted like he could go any day. That extra money is so worth it to me for the extra time. We are blessed that we have been able to even have the choice to make sacrifices to afford the care; I know for many this wouldn't even be an option.

Rebel is takes between 10-15 pills a day for cancer regimen. We have been really fortunate that he has never minded taking meds; we've always dipped them in peanut butter and he's eaten them right away. For his heartworm (which he hates that one for some reason), we make a little peanut butter half-sandwhich (down here we call them fold overs) and just tear it off piece by piece and one of them has the pill in it.

Best of luck to Maybull. Sending prayers for health her way and prayers for y'all too! Keeping up with everything can be exhausting...