Maybe an opportunity?!

First off I want to say Happy Holidays to everyone. I know I don't post often but I am on here reading posts a few times a day.

Brewer is doing well, and is one big boy. He is still hanging in around the 60lb mark. He loves his snow, and refuses to drink his water now that the snow is here.

The reason I am typing today is because I may have come upon an oppotunity and need some advice. I went to the petstore yesterday to get Brewer's nails clipped and the manager there asked me if I was interested in another bully. Well of course I am. She said her friend has a three year old that is looking for a good home.

So my question is, when/if this lady calls me, I will find out what the situation is that the bully needs a new home. If it sounds legit, is there anyway to get health records on the dog?

The reason I ask, is I can finacially take on another bully if it is healthy. But I can not take on another bully if it has medical issues. As much as I would love to, the cash is not there at this point. So I guess I just want to make sure that the info that the people tell me is correct.

Any suggestions?


Ask lots of questions............

and I think you will have your answer by her responses.  I know when I got my puppy five years ago I asked about cherry eye, dysplasia, and elongated palate. I would ask for health and vet records.  When I got my oldest bulldog (I rescued him from a divorce and the woman knew nothing about him) I even asked if she was giving him heartworm meds.  She just stared at me with a blank look and said, "Oh, there are some pills on the counter!".  I put him in my car right away, as I didn't want her taking care of him!.   Of course, the big question is why she is rehoming.  I hope this works out for both you and the bully.  It might just be a really nice Christmas gift!

Good luck!


  Miss you sweet boy Otie (July 29, 2013)



The nice thing about already

The nice thing about already owning a bully is knowing the right questions to ask like you said. My concern is if I ask for vet papers, they can easily just show me the papers when the dog was healthy and hide the ones with issues. So am I able to take the dog to their vet or my vet to get a checkup to make sure that the person isn't lying? Or can I get permission from them to contact their vet? Or is there some sort of vet appointment that they can go to to get me a health gaurentee? I guess I just don't want any surprises, I'd like to know what I am getting into.


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You can ask them to sign a

You can ask them to sign a release which will allow their vet to give you a copy of the dog's medical file. 

Every owner surrender that our rescue takes in has the owner sign a surrender form & asks to have their vet send the dog's medical file.  

Your request is reasonable - I would definitely ask.  

That was the answer I was

That was the answer I was looking for. Awesome. Thanks to both of you guys for your help. I will keep everyone updated on the situation.