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Matt and Kirby

Matt and Kirby were frequent BDW visitors.  Matt told us on FB that Kirby passed away in his sleep yesterday.  Matt did not want any condolences sent to him but I though people who knew him ought to know.  Kirby was only 4 years old and Matt loved him dearly.  Prayers for Matt.  :-(


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Oh no!!!

How horrible!  Matt loved that boy so much - I'm so sad to hear this  :(

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I remember sorry...



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Angela, thanks for letting us know.

I am so sorry for Matt.  Kirby was a special boy.


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condolences to matt...  :(

condolences to matt...  :(

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Oh no. Poor Matt. He adored the Kirbster.

So terribly sorry to hear about Kirby baby. He was super special to Matt. Many prayers for him. Please let him know I am so sorry.


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Oh no! What happened?

Kirby was so young though? Deepest sympathy to Matt and his family. 


sincerely, christine

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Poor Matt...

He was so attached to Kirby.  I remember when he got Kirby and posted so many pictures!  Please send him our condolences.  :*(


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so, so sad to hear this!!! Lots of prayers for Matt!!!! NM



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Dang :( Kirby was such a handsome fella & so young..

I really hope Matt can find some peace.




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Sorry to hear this.

Prayers has been sent. Hard to believe this. So Sorry to hear this. 



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OMG!!! So sorry!!!! So sad!!! prayers to them



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