Male dog going NUTS.... Help

Ok so my little Ethel is getting ready to go into heat again, and Fred is NUTS, he has never been this bad before with the last 2 heats! (well except for the fact he tried to eat my couch the first time) but he keeps humping Lucy who is fixed, and she is snapping at her (she is also a bullmastiff - a little bigger then Fred).. I called the vet because my breeder suggested Acepromazine for him. only gave him a half last night and it did nothing. Tonight I will try the full pill - but the vet did warn me that it could have the opposite effect on some dogs... I put him in the crate today while I am at work, left the 2 girls out together. I don't have a spare room to put him in yet.. Has anyone out there used the Acepromaize for this problem. I hate to give my dogs any drugs, but this time I think I have to .....

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Never use ACE on a bulldog...

I've heard horror stories about ACE on flat faced breeds.  Some will do fine, but others have died from this drug.  Can you have him stay somewhere else until she's finished, at a friend or relative's house?  

no where else

for him to stay - I should just go buy another crate..

I would definitely get another crate...if no other options.

Like Kathy said,  many horror stories regarding ACE.  Dangerous to smoosh face breeds.


I got another crate

it's small so I put Ethel in it to sleep last night Poor Fred is in her crate (which is a crate for a great dane) so it's like a condo, they can take a walk in the middle of the night.... He cried and moaned a little last night - I know it's better to keep him away from Lucy cause he keeps trying with her and she is going to hurt him one of these times... Ethel is not even bleeding yet, I can't believe he is acting like this so soon - I guess he's got a good nose...

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Poor Fred

is right, he is miserable. Unless you have the appropriate place to have intact dogs of different sexes you need to get one of them altered. This is very unfair to him. He doesn't have any better nose then any other intact male. He's just being a boy and it will get worse as she gets farther into her heat. Especially when she is at that point of flagging to him. He needs to be in a separate room, in fact he should not even be in the same house. If you care about him find a friend that can take him or board him. This is torture for him.

Why have you not gotten the bitch spayed?

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Any breeder who recommends ACE

for a bulldog is an idiot. Obviously not a bulldog person that knows this breed and a huge red flag. Sounds like this so called breeder is a puppy miller/back yard breeder especially if they are selling without spay/neuter clauses. Why not get your poor male to the breeder until your bitch is out of season.

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As someone wrote earlier acepromazine is a very dangerous drug to use with any brachycephalic dog (smoosh face). Unless you want to continue to play Russian roulette, please get another medication if that is what you chose to do. 

My personal experience happened over 10 years ago with our first bulldog. He had multiple eye problems with multiple surgeries. I was referred to a first class vet ophthamologist who had trouble examining Titan's eyes because he was panting with excitement. She gave me Ace to give him before his next visit. Being an idiot I did not consult with my bully vet before giving it to our beautiful boy. He died at age 3 and half because of my stupidity. Even after all these years the guilt overwhelming. 

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE...research Ace on the internet if you find it hard to believe what your being advised. 


Maggie Porkchop and Bubba

Well I gave the Ace

to him the first night - only half - did nothing! So the next day I gave him a whole pill - still didn't see a change, so why would I give it to him again, he is still trying to hump anything with a heartbeat. he is even eyeing up the bunny... poor boy... We bought another crate so we are keeping them separated like that for now. It funny how he keeps going after my one dog that is fixed and sniffing her all the time...
My girl still hasn't started to bleed yet, but I guess he can smell it coming... the past two times weren't as bad, I guess he is older now and knowing his body....
It's going to be a LONG month....
Thanks for everyone's advice....


I am not getting Ethel fixed because I want to breed her at her next heat... and I did want Fred to be my stud dog... They have the same dad, so I can't have him around her...

Can I say one more thing....

This has been bothering me all day, my breeder is not an idiot. She suggested it because it helped with one of her dogs in the same situation and my vet who knows my dog would have NEVER give it to me knowing my dog. she is not a backyard breeder or a puppy mill by any means... she has helped me with problems with my dogs in the past and I trust her... Like I said, the pills didn't do anything to him, so I will not be using them!

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Is your breeder showing, health testing and committed

to the Bulldog breed standard and temperment?

What is your reason for wanting to breed your dog?

Are you planning on breeding your bitch to your male? Did you say a 1/2 brother? That is way to close of a breeding.

If you don't have a seperate room to keep your male then where are you planning on raising puppies?

What health tests have you had preformed on your bitch? Have you shown her? Has she been evaluated by a reputable breeder who knows the standard.

Have you read the breed standard? Are you a member of the BCA? Are you a member of your local bulldog club. Are you involved with the breed for the right reasons. To breed healthy standard bulldogs for your own purpose, not to simply sell puppies for profit. BTW - Just had a friend lose 8 puppies and almost her bitch. The vet costs escalated to over 10k. Do you have the savings to absord that kind of cost if something does wrong? Are you prepared to loose you bitch and the litter or raise a litter without the mother? This is not an easy breed.

I'm sorry but IMO if your breeder is selling her puppies to buyers without spay/neuter contracts or limited registrations that is a byb and a miller. Her whole purpose is making a profit, not for concern for the breed.

What is her contract with you? Is she requiring a puppy back?

We don't need more breeders breeding unhealthy non-standard bulldogs, the breed is under enough scrutiny because of all the crap the vets see. The breed activists would like the breed be exterminated.

Is your breeder a member of the BCA?

Minimum tests should be. Trach, Heart , Patella, Elbows, Hips, HUU, CERF. If your breeder doesn't have OFA certificates for all these tests then she shouldn't be breeding bulldogs. Nor should you.

In 18 years I have not met 1 breeder who would recommend ACE for a bulldog. I have been to 4 nationals, met 100's of breeders across the country and have shown my dogs for 11 of those 18 years. Your vet is an idiot too!

Sorry to be so blunt, but we don't need more puppies. The rescues are overflowing. If you want another dog, why not rescue and spay your bitch. Do the breed a favor!!!


First off, you are now getting personal with me and this has turned into something else - not helping another with a question - I will send you a personal message!

For everyone that has read my post -
I would NEVER breed my female to her half brother!!!!!!!!!!! What kind of person do you think I am?? And my financials are none of your business, I understand how much things can cost to breed a bulldog!
I contacted BDW because of your last post, you are Harassing me now and saying hurtful things towards me, my vet and my breeder.....

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So why not answer

some of my questions? Let's begin with the health tests. If you were testing you would be extremely proud to prove me wrong and I would eat crow and applaud you for doing the first right thing before even thinking about breeding your bitch and your stud dog (as you referred to him) for that matter. If you and your breeder aren't doing those tests then you shouldn't be breeding, plain and simple. I can tell you when your dog passes health tests and gets an award from BCA and the certificates from OFA it is a proud moment, one to be shared. It's the breed I care about, not you getting your feelings hurt.

This is not

about breeding - from what I understood when I joined BDW, you were not allowed to discuss breeding dogs - and all I have said so far is that I wanted to breed my dog. I will not discuss anything else with you! The forum was about ACE and yes I got your opinion about ACE (and SO MUCH MORE!!!)

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Breeding Discussions Yes, Breeders No

I'm not asking any questions that a buyer shouldn't ask. Not sure why you are so offended with that when you are planning on breeding both your dogs as you stated in your post.

I am offended by

you in general! You turned my whole ACE forum into something else... When buyers ask me questions I will answer them - not you! I would never sell you a puppy! You have already offended me (and my family)!

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Never, ever, give ACE

I have three intact males and two intact females in my home. I keep the females in one room and my Males in another. When I am not home they are crated. Yes, the males are obnoxious when the girls are in season but it's managable.

Why would you give a dog a tranquilizer when he is just doing what comes natural to dogs? If he is truely nuts then that's not something I would want to pass on to my puppies.

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Please Don't get upset

The people on BDW has help me many time save my Loulou life in the six years I have been a member. When you post something don't think of it as someone running you down. Try to learn from what they say. Or take it into a note. I have almost lost my Bulldog loulou to Ace. They were able to bring her back but for a moment I hit the ground on my knees and was crying and praying. Ace is not what some vets thinks. beleive when you think your Bulldog has just die over Ace. That will make you want to tell everyone Don't use Ace. If I was you I would find another vet. Please do your homework on an English Bulldog. giving these dogs things like Ace is a Big NO NO. People here are ready to help you. They will look things up even the older bulldog people who still reads but don't post will even step in to help. some of these people has own Bullies all their life. They have seen it all. We laugh together share stories and stay up nights praying for a bulldog we never meet. We even feel the lost of these dogs when they go to the bridge. Beleive me we all cry together. when we know the Bulldogs their faces and stories we fall for them like they are own Kids. Gracie and Zapper who has just pass hit me like a rock. These people here has help me out of my Darkest times just with what they have posted with pictures. This is the best place to be when it comes down to your Bulldog.Everyone on this group turn in to be family. Please stay on Bulldogs World. You will find out these are great people and will do anthing to help you. WE have Breeder and Show people and Judges who are on here. We are all here to help you. I wish you well with your bullies. But any vet who gives a bulldogs Ace is a vet that would not see my dog and I would throw those pills back at him. But I have been there with Ace. When you see them go Flat line over that drug you will respect the people who told you not to give it to them. After all it all about making them as healthy as they can be without drugs. Vets will give you anything for money. Remember this. I have walk out of so many vets offices because they (most do This) and say their is No Bulldog Vet. Their is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. we would love to see your dogs and get to know you better.



Karonelaine - thank you

Thank you for your message, that was very nice of you to write to me... I just want to make things clear - my breeder is not a backyard breeder or a puppy mill in any way shape or form. She has helped me with a lot of things already. She suggested this drug and she would never suggest anything to hurt my dog. I called vets office that day and "My" bulldog vet was not there - I saw another vet who gave me only 5 pills to try - I gave him a half that night and it did nothing - the next day I gave him the whole pill, still nothing - that was when I said - why am I giving him this, and bought another crate. I was scared to give it to him after reading everyone's posts. I put things on BDW for help - not be put down for everything I do.. I have a room that is under construction right now, that is why I could not keep them separated... My girl is not bleeding yet - but He is calmed down and back to normal, I think he was going after my 'fixed' mastiff because she had a UTI and was bleeding!! he leaves her alone now... I will not give him the ACE !! I had to give my last dog something when it thundered out and when the fireworks were going off.. Thought ACE was safe!

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That was a good post for all of us.

But I need to say this...if your breeder did indeed tell you to use Ace on your Bully, then I would never, ever take anything they say as trustworthy again as far as medical care goes for my Bulldog. Ace is not ok to use, I don't even use it on my other animals, horses and bulldogs especially. It just isn't worth the trouble it can cause, so it isn't in my barn or house.

We all care for each other here for the most part, and we all love our bullies!! I have known Deb for many years, and she has never steered me wrong. I may not always take what is said by others here as friendly or kind, but I trust that the ones who have been around here for ever And are reputable, well informed breeders and owners, are telling me what I need to hear:-). Take the advice, not the vibe, it's better that way!!!


Amy and Sophia

Trust me

it will never get used in my house again.. I hate giving my dogs any kind of drugs - that is why I posted this Forum!

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that's how my archie

that's how my archie died...jan 24,2012

it's still hurts everyday...