Lucy and Ethel

Finally we got some nice weather, the dogs had so much fun outside.... Today not so nice, back to 20 degrees.... yuck

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They look like they are enjoying the warmth!

Sorry it is yucky again today! Spring has to come sometime!


Amy and Sophia

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They are gorgeous, had a

They are gorgeous, had a sneaky peek at your videos too :)



Enough said...wish I was enjoying the sun too!


  Miss you sweet boy Otie (July 29, 2013)



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those adorable

those adorable faces!!!

smoochies the scrunchy faces

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2 honeys!!

glad you could catch somes rays!



Mack 'n' Tillie Mae Mack



attitude is altitude!



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PollyAnna's Words of Wisdom


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Nothing better........

than bulldogs enjoying the sunshine!! Adorable picture!!


Cathy & Zimmer