Lu Lu heart fail

So Lu Lu our rescue bully of two years is in heart failure.  She's on meds now.. Water pills and blood pressure.   She's still eating.. But not drinking. We keep her hydrated , smoothies pedialyte watermelon, wet veggies..... Her spirit is still up...  So she's not ready to go yet.   She's 9 now and spent 7 years neglected and abused... It breaks my heart that she's sick. She waited 7 years to be loved...I can't grasp why she can't just have a peacefull ending. Anyone have any experience tips or advice? We love on her ever chance .. We have no idea how long she has. Kidneys are still ok. Lungs have a lot of hearts broken.   Please pray for a peacefully end for our girl. She surely deserves it

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I am so sorry to hear about your baby

I have no experience with this but want to send my condolence an let you know I'm praying for you little girl an wish you all the best out come possible............
Again my deepest condolence.


Cory & Penelope

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I am so sorry to hear this.

I am so glad she has you. You said she is comfortable and I'll bet you have made her very happy. I will be thinking about you.

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A prayer just went out for your baby girl :)




Many thanks

Many thanks for the prayers... We need it.  I cannot tell you how consumed I am by this.  I've lost dogs before .. But I hate to say it there is just something special about a bulldog. Especially this one.  Water pills seem to help a bit.  I just hope they give help give her comfort till its time.  Thanks again all...

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So Sorry

I lost my boy Doyle to congestive heart failure in late September. He didn't have fluid in his lungs just his abdomen, so he didn't struggle, but just one day, after a nice day at the park, he just laid down and passed peacefully.

My thoughts go out to you in this tough time.

thinking of you and understanding your pain......

Just think of the wonderful two years LuLu has had with you and she wouldn't have had that if not for you. You have given her all the love she could stand! Sending you prayers and peace!


  Miss you sweet boy Otie (July 29, 2013)



Thank you

for loving her for the past 2 years!!! I have tears in my eyes reading this.... she knows she was loved, trust me... and you are right, there is something very special about a bulldog.... Everyone should own one once in their life!!! Lots of luck!!!!

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I am so sorry

I am so sorry. I lost my rescue Gummy Bear. I know the heartache you are going throw. Mine went while in surgery. Having his eye remove. To think he only had someone to love him for a couple of months just broke my heart. I feel hard in love with him. Blind in both eyes. He was the most loving bullie I ever meet. I'm so sorry to hear she going thur this. But she does have you to let her know your there and you love her. Prayers had been sent.