Lola Update

Well the hardest day of my life was Sunday.. my wife and I dropped Lola off with Bullies2theRescue.. it was truly the most heart aching thing I have been through.. its sad to say but the loss of some of my family members was easier.. not sure if thats good or bad but just a general helpless feeling.. feelign of regret that I didnt get to finish Lolas journey.. the feeling of not seeing her day in and day out.. When the transportation came the lady volunteer brought along her daughter 12 and friend.. I was VERY nervous about that due to Lola biting my son.. Lola was in the back seat with my wife and when I popped the hatch to unload her toys she jumped up on the seat and immediatlely barked at the girls.. this was frighting for them and me and just made the decision little more clear that her obsession with protecting my wife was too much for us.. I painfully lifting her in the car, kissed her sweet face one last time and tried to not cry like a baby..  we headed off home.. 4 hours of misery is what I expected.. however an hour into the trip I started receiving photo texts from the 2 young girls.. Lola may her way up to them and they were all sitting snuggling and she was giving them kisses!  just as I assumed the second we removed my wife from the situation my sweet girl showed through.. they dropped her off in NC with bullies2therescue and update today is she is adjusting well to her new surrondings.. LOLA has never been good with strangers or dogs and apparently is doing fine with both.. I still miss my girl and wish it would have worked out but if she is finally becoming the dog she should have been then it was worth it.. I know Lola loves us but Dogs need dogs.. there is a interaction that we just cannot match and I would love for her to just enjoy being a dog. no fear of my son, no constant guarding needed.. I said to my wife.. my son got bit and I lost my dog.. no matter the ending how can one say it was happy.. but deep down this was a happy ending.. Lola got me through 6 years.. she helped me when my wife was away from college and helped me learn responsibitly and unconditional love.. those traits I am using with my son right now.. maybe the intention was never for us to have lola her whole life.. not sure.. I would never have wished my son to be bit to learn all of this but with every strorm comes a rainbow..  I feel content with what happen and look forward to having a stressful life with my family and the peice of my heart that lola will always have isnt as broken as I thought..

I also wanted to personally thank every single person who donates or works for resuces.. there is truley not enough good people like you in this world.. My dog wasnt sick, wasnt about to be put to sleep and wasnt alone.. she was fed well, treated well and safe but bullies2therescue still took her in, even with her agressive past and because of that she has hope for a better life.. good people and organizations like them insipire me to be better in life as well...  anyways  for those who have thought and prayed for us thanks a bunch


I had such a hard time reading that.... I am so sorry that you had to go through this... that is my biggest fear... You guys are in my thoughts today.....

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Your positive attitude and good outlook are great.

You did the right thing...for Lola. Heartbreaking as it was, and I can only imagine my friend how you must feel, but you DID the right thing for her. And she will LOVE you all the more for letting her go as you have. 

Please stick with us, stay in touch as you are able. Would love to hear any updates you might receive about Lola Girl.


Amy and Sophia

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Meaty and Sophie and I are sending you a billion HUGS right

now!!!!!!!!   Oh my goodness......!!! Sooo sorry this had to happen; however, as you said in all the POSITIVE points, it was

the best thing.  I'm really, really happy you are seeing the positives, but I know it is SO hard, too---many ((( HUGS!!! ))))


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(((hugs))),hard as it may

(((hugs))),hard as it may be,in your heart it was the best

decision...esp where the safety of your children are

concerned..Lola was beyond loved and she knew and

felt it...I'm sure she'll be well taken care of and spoiled

where she's at now

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sending some hugs for you~~~

so sorry~~~

Thanks for keeping us updated

Certainly is a lesson for all. Your situation is not unique. It's such a heartwrenching decision but the best one. Lola will blossom in the right environment.

Let us know if/when you hear any news about her.

Best of luck and love with your growing family.


Lynn King CPDT-KA