Lola is back!

Hello Everyone.. Its been sooo long since I posted here.. I always check in weekly but my work blocked me from being able to post.. My wife had a baby back in Dec and I have been busy with that and training lola.  I had major concerns with Lola and the baby but it all went GREAT.. she loves her brother and is soo gentle with him.. Here are some updated pics of my sweet girl.. she will be 6 in may and after 3 knee surgeries she is still as crazy as ever.. hope everyone has a great day




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on the new baby Lola looks great! should post some pics of the two together soon :)



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congrats on the new addition

congrats on the new addition to the family and excellent news on lola!!!
smoochies the scrunchy face

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Congratulations on the little boy!!

Wonderful to see you here again! Hugs to that Lola girl, she is a sweetie!


Amy and Sophia

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Congrats on the baby and Lola looks fabulous...



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Congrats on your new son and I'm so glad to hear Lola is back in action and being a good big sis :)

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Congrats on your baby. Lola

You are beautiful as ever. You take care of your baby brother. Daddy needs a hand. Glad you were able to post the picture. She a doll. 



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aww......what a sweet girl! LOVE her expression in that

second pik......SO cozy and sweet!  Wow, THREE surgeries???  Glad she's okay, and doing

well with your new baby!!!  Congrats!  :-)


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