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"Loca The Pug That Couldn't Run" SWEET video!

Warning you will watch more than once, you will get the song stuck in your brain, and you will want a Pug too......  LOL enjoy...don't say I did warn you! 


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How adorable is that!!!  I sent it to my sister the pug owner. 

I've already watched it three times...

I absolutely love it..

I have watched this fantastic little girl at least 30 times on FB.

Know all the words by heart.  She is just such a happy,  perfect,  little girl.

Her family most certainly loves her and so do I.  

Thanks for sharing , Angela.  I appreciate it.


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oh but that is the absolute

oh but that is the absolute sweetest...!!!

what a sweet story!!!

thnks for sharing girl!(((hugs)))


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That's so sweet!

Thanks! Wherever did you find that?

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OMG that is the cutest dog...I love it...

I want a housefull too


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Vancouver, Canada

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Oh goodness, that is darling!

What a funny pup! I wonder what it is that makes her unable to run...either a physical issue or neurological? Whatever it is, she is adorable, and how CLEVER her family is! Great song!


Amy and Sophia

Love this video! As a pug

Love this video! As a pug owner, I can sympathize :)

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that was cute



Fatboy aka Stinky :)