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Leash and collar

Looking for suggestions. I have a very energetic 6 month old female bully puppy. Would love to take her out on short walks when not hot but she freaks out if I put a collar on her and I tried a harness and she stands there and refuses to move. I have tried to entice her with treats but that doesn't help so if any of you have words of wisdom I would love to hear them



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Flat 1" no choke collar. Have you put one on her in the house and just let her get used to it? If not start with that, then add a leash and let her drag it around. Of course only when you are there to supervise. I never leave collars on when I can't be right there. Just act like nothing is different when you put the collar on, give her a treat, then leave her be. It should enough space for 2 fingers to slip easily between her neck and the collar.

How do you get her to the vet if she won't lead?

Puppies should be started at 8 weeks with leash training.

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I have tried a collar and

I have tried a collar and letting her drag the leash..she doesn't seem to mind the flat collar until I attach the leash...then she goes into stubborn mode and won't move like someone glued her feet to the floor....this has been going on for months. As far as the vet...I just carry her