Kool Kollar

Has anyone used the "kool kollar". You can freeze the collar and put it on your bulldog to keep them cool in the heat. Any feedback?


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Cool Collars

We use them at dog shows, but they aren't frozen. They are shammy type of material and we fill them with ice. I just make mine. We also use cool coats. I've never needed to use one anywhere but at a show. But we live in an area that doesn't get real hot and when we travel we have always had air conditioning available. They actually cool off better through the feet and under the tummy in between the hind legs.

I would look into a cool mat as well.

I know a bulldog breeder that makes cool coats and cool collars if you are interested let me know I will forward you her contact info.

We have Kool Collars

They come with re-freezable inserts for inside, for in the car or home, or you can stuff ice in them, and they drip down the bullies chest. 

We have used it when we go to functions, but we'd never totally rely on them to cool Gizmo and Hershey off


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I have used them

on Kofi when taking her for walks. 

I think they may help some, but still am aware that she can not tolerate much heat.


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