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Kong "stuffing"?

Hey all. Lola loves her Kong but unfortunately she can not eat peanut butter (It gives her Diarrhea) so I was wondering what is something alternative to peanut butter I can put inside her Kong. 

Thanks for the help!

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I know they sell Kong fillers at Petsmart but...

maybe you could use something like liverwurst?  Or squeeze cheese (the kind in the can that squirts on crackers).  

What about...

...almond butter (no salt added) or cream cheese?? My Ruby loves it. I've also used the Kong squeeze can as well (yes, I know it's "junk"). 

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I used to give Molly one with fat free plain yogurt in it every morning...and I put it in he freezer over night too so it took her longer to eat.


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kong stuffing

we have always used good old canned squirt cheese, the girls love it.


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