Just wondering about Grain Free

Food? Thinking about switching Fred over. I though out the milk bones to start... I have always just have my dogs a little piece of cheese for a treat, why did I start to buy milk bones.. Just wondering what everyone uses for Grain Free Food..

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Tucker eats ......

A grain free food called "Now" and it's made in Canada by a company called Petcurean. Good luck. 


Katie & Tucker a.k.a "Porkchop"

Dooley eats Nature's Variety Instinct Limited Ingredient Rabbit.

We have had really good results.  There is many grain free foods out there and sometimes it is trial and error.  Good Luck with your search.


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We are presently feeding ...

Natural Balance duck potato to Newman and Oliver and Chester is on Natural Balance Fat Dog which is also grain free but has less calories since Chester has to lose a few lbs.  Natural Balance also makes grain free treats or we give small apple pieces or cooked carrots for treats.

I have tried them all.................

and with two bullies the most expensive ones really did me in.  I settled on Costco's Kirkland brand called Nature's Domain.  They have a beef, turkey, and salmon variety.  My bullies loved the Salmon and I just recently tried Turkey to mix it up.  I just couldn't afford the more expensive grain free and this fit my budget.


  Miss you sweet boy Otie (July 29, 2013)



my boys are on...

Zignature grain free lamb formula. They love it and no tear stains, yeasty paws, ear problems, or gas. Poo's are small and firm and they only poo right after eating twice a day.


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My boys are on the generic

My boys are on the generic version of Fromm. The generic name is American Natural Premium. They are on the surf and turf (salmon). I have way less vet bills and way better looking puppies.


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After trying MANY foods.."Wellness Limited Ingredient Salmon

and Potato" has reallllllllllllly been the BEST, esp, for MEATY!  I can't say it's TOTALLY due to this kibble, but he used to get

chronic, horrible interdigital cysts and CONSTANT ear infections---poor wittle guy!!  After lots of problems, the  vet suggested 

a FISH-based diet and NO GRAINS!!! .,,,.

... After a lot of research, I tried them on the highly-touted "FROMM" brand, (those have the highest quality rating, and I know

MANY, MANY bulllies have had wonderrr---bull results from that brand!)  but that didn't seem to be the one for us....

Then  we  tried "Wellenss's CORE"  kind that was salmon and ??? Ocean Blend or something---it has the HIGHEST quality rating for kibbles,

(as the "Fromm" does) and....hee hee...I LOVE the colors of the BAG it comes in----metallic blue and brown----BUT, it also didn't seem to work

for Meaty....( I only mention him since he has had the posssible food-related problems....Sophie is blessed!)  :-) 

After a few bags of the "Ocean Blend", which was even MORE expensive than the "Limited Ingredient" version. I noticed nearby, this

company also offered the "Limited Ingredient" and took a chance....sooo happy to have found it!  Meaty has not had a cyst in quite

a while!!!!!!!   I think it's GREAT

for bullies, too, ESPECIALLY because it has LIMITED INGREDIENTS for doggies with allergies, and we all know mannnyyy

bullies have ALLERGY issues!  His coat is also verry, verrry healthy (as is Sophies, but she has NEVER had any of the

paw/ ear/ other allergy issues poor Meaty's had!)...


We used to give them Milk Bones and---I'm embarrassed to admit----Pupp-A-Ronis, and back then, he had horrrible cysts

on his paws....Again, I'm not saying we KNOW those treats were the culprit, but we obviously have suspicions!  Now all

their treats are GRAIN-FREE, and we also have started giving them  plain scrambled eggs (NOTHING added, especially not  cheese, (they love cheese, but I'm afraid of the sodium and fat content)  ....but we did used to give them a tiny bit of cheese once in a while, but our vet

scared us into not doing that anymore.

THe eggs are a special treat, and also, plainly cooked chicken breasts, torn up and given as treats instead of the expen$ive, grain free ones from the store....I also put a bit of coconut oil in their kibble once in a while, it is good for them and they LOVE it!  If I have some on my hands and feet (I use it as a moisturizer, also), they wanna lick it all off...LOL! 


.Good Luck, it has taken us forervvvvvvvver to find the right food!  Oh, and not to forget, we also tried the "BLUE" brand, which you may look into...mannnny bullies do wonderfully on it, but if memory serves (it was a long time ago), I think it gave Meaty the trots....ooops!  But like I said,
I have read that MANNNNY bullies do wonderfully on it!  :).


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Fatboy loves Honest Kitchen. He doesn't care for kibble at all.

But the HK does come grain free. We switch the proteins, between chicken and turkey, every other month so he doesn't build up a protein allergy.


Fatboy aka Stinky :)

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I've seen HK before.......

....... but wasn't sure how it worked. Do you add water to re-hydrate it?? The boxes I have seen don't seem like they would last long. A bag of kibble lasts us just over a month. How long does it take Fatboy to go through a box and how much do you pay for a box?? I'm sure in Canada i'd pay more but i'm curious about it. Also, is it like canned food once it's re-hydrated??

Thanks, Katie :)


Katie & Tucker a.k.a "Porkchop"

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Yes, all you have to do is add warm (not boiling) water. One 10

lbs box lasts us 3 weeks; 1 cup for breakfast and 1 cup for dinner.  As for pay, the turkey grain free costs around $75 and the chicken costs $90.  I like to warm up the water while Fatboy goes outside to do his early morning business (low heat).  If it gets too hot, I mix in cold water to even it out.  Then you let it sit for 5-10 minutes and serve.  It smells so good too, so it must taste good :)


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Do you feed less than you were feeding on kibble before??



Katie & Tucker a.k.a "Porkchop"

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I believe the scoop we used to use for kibble was approximately

1.5 cups, although I am not too sure about this. He would get one scoop in the morning, and one at night. From what I understand the raw dehydrated food is being utilized more than kibble because kibble is processed and the nutrients are lost. I monitor Fatboy's weight because he's smaller than the average bully. I try to keep him around 45-50 lbs. When I feel like he needs a bit more weight, I just add another 1/4 cup to each dish until I feel he's a good size.

One thing I do every time I feed him is pack the food down into the measuring cup. Before I would just scoop one cup and serve, but I then noticed how it has a lot of "air space" (if this makes any sense). He was on the low end of his ideal weight during this time. Packing it into the measuring cup will obviously give more, but it's probably closer to how much they need to eat anyways.


Fatboy aka Stinky :)