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just to say hi

Hi, im new to this site and new to being a bulldog owner. Ive read everything i can about cleaning them, feeding them ect. Ive also met a owner and a breader both have told me different, breeder told me mainly bad stuff, like how they can turn (which had my patner worried as we got kids) and owner told how lovely they are, his child plays with his 7 yr old bully (and even sits on him) which made made my patner feel abit more relax. Anyway we have a 10wk old bitch and she is lovely, allthough shes in the nippy age, i just want to ask other owners if they have any tips and not about the nipping

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there are plenty here who have knowledge that can help you.
enjoy your baby!



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**woof!* Hello, and welcome!! Nice to "meet" 'cha! I

don't have any tips on the nipping, because both of our babies did it as PUPPS....especially our FEET---ugh!!!  I guess we just kept saying "NO BITE" over and overrrr and overrrr.......


Glad you're here!  We'd love to see piks if you'd like to share!!!  :-) 


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Welcome to BDW

Many here can give you good advice on your pup. Training classes help also.


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In my experiences most puppies of all breeds tend to do this.  You just need to act like they are hurting you when they do this and say no.  Actually pretend they are hurting you.  They are smarter than you think.  Most important thing is you take control of the situation and not let them feel like they are controlling you or your partner.  Good luck and enjoy your baby Bully.


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Ditto. Good advice!

Ditto. Good advice!

Nice to meet you!

Welcome to the board.....there is usually lots of advice here!


  Miss you sweet boy Otie (July 29, 2013)



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Thank you to everyone, all

Thank you to everyone, all the hello's, info, pics. Its really nice to talk to over bulldog owners. I will try upload some pics once i figure out how lol

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I've had five bulldogs....

I've never had one bite, even a little bit. They are so sweet and so wonderful animals. Be sure to train them, during this nippy age, never to put tooth to human skin. The best way to train them is praise, praise, praise and treats when they are good and a "Bad Dog," in a loud, firm voice.

Good luck. You can come here and ask us anytime you need something.

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Thank you, i do try and give

Thank you, i do try and give her a chew toy instead, followed by NO NIA! If she still insists on going for a hand then take them away untill she goes for chews her toy then say good girl nic and carry on stroking her. Yeah shes lovely i wouldnt change her for the world :-D