It's there such a place?

Hi guys,

Does anyone know if there is any store that specializes only in Bully dogs? you know like Petco, but only for bullies. If there's such a store will you please tell me? I see some bullies that have really nice body harness that you can't get  or find in any of your pet stores or like those goggles that you seen on a bully of this home page, as well as that harness he/she has on. I want to find things like that for my bully. We do these Bullies GET!... such wonderful toys? Thank you everyone, for your help.

 Aude` and Molley.

" Is there a place?"

" Is there a place?"

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I'm in Toronto an I've never found or heard of a place that solely plays to bull dogs but I would love to find on it would make Penelope an my life a lot easier. lol
sorry I couldn't be of more help.......


Cory & Penelope

No worries... I think that

No worries... I think that would be cool to if there was such a store. I would make me and Molley very happy too. Think thats a good idea for someone to do. Lol...

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That's my girl with the goggles!

They're actually called "Doggles". Ours were a gift but you can buy them online.

My Stella wore them because she became blind and I didn't want her to scratch her eyeballs when she was sniffing around in the bushes. I think they were originally designed for dogs who like to ride with their head out the window :)

Here are my favorite manufacturers, many Made in USA and Canada.

Buddy Belts Leather harnesses and leashes MADE IN CANADA

Preston Ribbons Harnesses and Leashes Made in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

Lupine harnesses and leashes Made In New Hampshire replacement guarantee for life if ever damaged when chewed.

RUFF WEAR life jackets

Jolly Balls Made in USA

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff toys Made In USA

Auggies Closet specializes in Bulldogs :)  I've never made a purchase, but you can check them out :)


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