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it's been a loooong time!

Hello again! Its fantastic to see many of you still on here!!!

Stella and Wilbur are still with us and in great health. Stella is 14.5, Wilbur is 12, and I just adopted a frenchie named Laila.She arrived last night from Houston and while the previous owners told me she was the most gentle dog they had ever met, she keeps going after Stella and Wilbur which isn't a great start. She responds to correction and they aren't reacting (balanced wise ones)   while I know she must be really confused (days of transport) she is definitely trying to establish dominence. She won't leave my side and when they want to be near me, Laila gets protective. I have never experienced with a dog before. Any suggestions?

Happy to be back, thank you!


Stella, Wilbur, Laila, and Dillon

First, I would not have allowed physical contact

between the dogs. Anytime we have brought new dogs into our home, we have kept them gated and crated for the first several days. This allows everyone to become a little more acclimated to each other before any physical interactions.

Any new dog coming into a home, especially one with other dogs is extremely stressful. New dogs, new people, new environment, new smells/sounds etc., can be overwhelming. Keeping them gated and crated gives them time to decompress.

I would start over. Keep Laila crated except for walks and time with you.

Laila's previous owners claiming that she was the most gentle dog may be very true, in that situation. And she may again become the most gentle dog but you have to give her time.

Good luck


Lynn King CPDT-KA

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I agree with Lynn.

Get them separated again and give it a little time. Hope it all works out!


Amy and Sophia

I agree

with Lynn too!!! I will do that with my next bully... My breeder does the same thing... she gives it 3 weeks!