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It seems like this week's foodie column is controversial

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Sounds like they were paranoid...

I thought you gave them a fair review considering....maybe if they could have seen one of your articles it wouldn't have gone a little smoother.  


Ashley, Baron and Duchess

Vancouver, Canada

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I told them where they could read one of my articles, but...

Actually, I think the manager is one of those petty dictators who have everyone terriffied except for her little group of favorites. I wored in a place like that (retail) and it was awful. But, I couldn't say that in the article because I couldn't really prove it.

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another good food story steph

another good food story steph even w/what little you had to work w/...and it's too bad for the store manager or whoever she was...what you should do is make an album of sorts of all your food stories in and around the city and send them to that rude twit!

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Way to stir up a little controversy, Steph! I think you still gave the store a good rating, despite the service. Automatic hostility like that makes me wonder what they might be hiding. The store manager made a bad move by not being receptive. I understand that she might have been a bit gun shy about a photog in there, but it's a bit of a stretch to bring out the "heavy's" for a food reporter. Weird.

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lol @ kill me

lol @ kill me celine!*cracking up*

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i read all your articles...

you are a very nice writer. I think this time, the language barrier was what caused the "crankiness". Many asian stores are scared of other stores coming in and "copying" their prices /secrets. Sometime if you break it down to them in the most broken english you can, it would be easier for them to understand.. like.. "i make nice newspaper story with pictures, I tell buyers to come to your store, free!" sorry, I don't mean to be offensive sounding (dont worry, i am asian!). Perhaps starting off the story with more about the store and not making such a big deal out of the "bad service" would help as well. After all, this is what the owner was afraid of (something negative coming out of it) , right? Unless , your job is to give an actual review of the place , service and all? then good job!


sincerely, christine

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Thanks for reading!

This is what I have at the top of every column:

Global Groceries is a kind of international travel log, one that never leaves the metro area. It’s a tour of the world – and my adventures in it – through excursions into ethnic grocery stores around the area. Expect Route 66, but with food instead of drama and a 2001 Ford Focus instead of a ’61 Corvette.

I have had one grocer send me a lovely thank you letter and another stop me in his store (after the story came out) to thank me for telling the story of his place. As far a s the manager is concerned, there was no language barrier. She was either born here or came here when she was very young, based on her accent. But, I've got into other places where very little English is spoken and there was no problem. I think this was a corporate (rather than owner operated) problem.

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I have reads every column you have written and enjoy them.

I can't imagine why this store would be any different than the others you have reviewed, but the lack of social skills on the management and staff side makes me wonder if they were targeted in any type of probe or investigation previously....either government or OSHA or similar. They sound overly hostile if you ask me.

You were still retry complimentary about the store, which shows your readers that you truly are there to review, not critique. I give you huge credit on this one Stephanie, many others would not have been so nie in their column after the treament you received.


Amy and Sophia

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Thank you!

It was an interesting experience.