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My son is home from Oregon and this is the first time he has seen Phoebe. He has noticed and pointed out to me that she seems to be more fully developed on one side of her body, muscle wise, and in addition to that he thinks she has some vision problems. I know she is really skittish of objects in the pool, noises, and things out of the ordinary in terms of their placement but never really thought of her vision. So off I went to the vet for her annual check up and he checked her eyes and says they look healthy but she did not have a startle reflex when he moved his hand in front of her eyes.  He suggested an opthamologist but really cannot afford that now. As far as the muscle development I tend to agree with him too. All rather weird. Maybe he should not have come home :)))))) Otherwise she is healthy in every way so will love her and care for her and carry on.

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As long as she's happy an healhty, she's beauitful !!!!



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