indoor potty training

Beethoven is 10 weeks old and I've had him for 1.5 weeks so far. He is so cute and sweet, but he cannot get the hang of using pee pads to go potty instead of shredding them/playing with them. Has anyone used any of the natural grass pads available for dogs to use as indoor pee pads? I know he won't be able to shred them since they appear heavy, and i want to give them a try to see if he is naturally inclined to go to the bathroom on the grass.

Cloth pads

After my baby bully shredded (and ate) parts of the pee pee pads I went to a medical supply store and bought the cloth pads used on beds/chairs for people. If she soiled them they are washable and she had no interest in tearing them apart!! They were slightly pricy but they are resusable and they last forever! And they are waterproof on the underside so nothing seeps through. 

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Baby Crib Mattress Pads

also work and what I used. Although I only used these in case of an accident. I think it is very confusing for a puppy to teach them to potty inside and then later train them to potty outside. Is there a reason you are training to potty inside?

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Grass patches

You can do the same with a piece of lawn turf from Home Depo in a 3" rubber pan. The lawn will stink after a time so just replace with a new piece of turf. I know people who have used this method on an upper condo deck.

Another thing to try is stall pellets in a plastic tub. I know a breeder who uses this method for potty training. I would worry about them eating the pellets though.

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No advice but this made me laugh...

Mine used to solely shred any pads left down as a puppy too! She never peed on them once so I gave up! Last year, I tried putting them down during hurricane sandy to avoid walking her in the bad weather, and she napped on them! I have to find the picture!!! Good luck :) 


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Rebel uses washable

Rebel would tear up the paper ones too--we started with those while
apartment living. We have had washable Personally Paws pads for years and love them. Perfect now that he's older. Our basset even self trained and uses them if we are gone just a little too long.