Incessant bedwetting and bad behavior HELP

Forgive me if this is long. I rescued Brutie, a male English bulldog from a bulldog rescue about 3 years ago. At that time, I was informed that he was approximately 5-6 years old and that his owner had to give him up because he had recently got married and the new wife was "scared" of Brutie. Brutie was my second bulldog. My first bulldog remained with my ex-husband after our divorce because Buddy was a beloved pet of his children; so I was familiar with the care and temperment of the breed. Brutie very early on showed some signs of aggression, but only if you were scolding him. If you told him no, he would immediately begin to growl and snap. I've done everything to show I'm the dominant but Brutie seems completely unaffected by me. He also pees on his bed every chance he gets. Daily and sometimes more than once. I have tried using detergent, not using detergent, buying new beds, just anything, to no avail--and had him checked for incontinence (he's fine). He will sometimes purposely do it right in front of me, as if he is mad. I know its purposeful, because if I tell him no, he will immediately walk away and pee all over the floor (or his bed). His only punishment is that I send him outside for a bit (too cold to leave him out for long) or remove his bed while it is being washed. I thought about removing his bed altogether, but my house only has tile floors (thank goodness...with carpet, I'm not sure what I would do at this point) but I want him to be comfortable; my old friend is up in age. I thought at first it was the detergent and the bed being freshly washed; but sometimes he will actually lay on it without peeing on it for a day or two (have his scent all over it) and then pee on it. Then he will pace back and forth and snort and act like he is upset that he can't lay down in it. I've had to wrap the inside pillow with trash bags because even the waterproof liner that originally was on the mattress couldn't withstand the constant stream of urine. It doesn't make sense and my husband and I are at our wits end. Brutie is about 9 years old now so I'm doubtful that any obedience training would help. I love my bully but I just don't know how to react to his behavior at this point. Any ideas appreciated!

If you are sure that he is getting enough

time outside to empty his bladder, I would use a belly-band or doggy diapers designed for dogs that are incontinent. Generally, if it is a behavior issue and not medical, dogs learn pretty quickly not to urinate. However, because he has done this for so long, changing the behavior may not happen but using the band or diapers will keep his bedding clean.

Good luck


Lynn King CPDT-KA

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That's a head scratcher

He is obviously doing a dominance thing. But at his age, it would be hard to train him out of it. Normally, I'd say crate him and take away his bedding, but again, at his age...

Lynn, who gave you the advice above, is a trainer and I would try what she says.

Bullies are stubborn...