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I'm in the (human) surgery waiting room.

By husband David is having surgery - fixing a hernia. We were supposted to have surgery at 10:00 am but it got delayed until 2:00. I went home earlier to put Maybull out, give her breakfast and give her her pills. I left the radio on for her. She likes NPR. Anyway, we should be home by about 5:00 pm and then I'll be busy so if I don't log on, don't worry. I just wanted to touch base with everyone.

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Hate it when they do that...

nothing to eat or drink and you just have to sit there and wait.  Good thoughts for Hubby!

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Stephanie, get ice packs or frozen peas!

Ice will be his very best friend for several days. I had double hernia surgery in 2004. Because I worked out daily, I had muscle they had to cut through rather than fatty tissue. It took longer and hurt more! Ice packs and frozen bags of peas (they shape to the location better) were my very best pals for several days. it ook me about a week to be up and moving, but nearly a month to fell like my old self. But I had doubles, if his is only a single it shouldn't be nearly that long.

Best of luck! Keep a trash can nearby in case his stomach doesn't like the anesthesia. My stomach revolted!


Amy and Sophia

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Thanks for the advice

David has lots of ice packs around and he's in good shape (he's a martial arts instructor, professionally) and since he wasn't put under completely (not breathing tubes) we're hoping that recovery will be swift. I set up a bed for him in the TV room so he can lounge.

I gotta go. We're going home ina bout an hour.

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Funny you should say that Amy...

my yoga class last week was a 'spine opener,' unfortunately, mine opened a little too much and it's been killing me ever since.  I keep putting bags of frozen peas on it, I'm guessing you can't eat them afterward though lol.

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LOL! Well, except for the hurt back, the rest was funny~

I wouldn't eat the peas I used for ice packs! 

Hope your back gets better soon. There is almost nothing worse than having back problems.


Amy and Sophia

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You can't eat them, but the dogs will.

Mmmmmm. Tastes like peas AND mommy!

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feel better

soon david!!



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Hey steph,hope everything is

Hey steph,hope everything is well w/hubby,

smoochies the divine ms.m

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Hope your hubby is okay, oh, and how CUTE is my

visualization of Maybull listening to NPR!!!  Does she give you her thoughtshhh when you get home?  :-)



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