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I'm Bragging

I'm 3.5 months old and haven't peed in the house in 3 weeks...My daddy is so pleased with me.. Mommy got me a pool and I played with my toys in it because it was to cold to put water in, then daddy took my toys out so I got even and peed and pooped in it to show him, so he put it away . well that really made me mad so I stopped leaving surprises around for him to find and took them all outside, well needless to say this made mommy and daddy very happy and I get to run around the whole house now. I heard daddy tell mommy that I'm the easiest bully he ever trained..haha get that he thinks he trained me.





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a great boy


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I'm a big boy now...way to go Bouncer



Ashley, Baron and Duchess

Vancouver, Canada

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bouncy you are just too

bouncy you are just too sweet!!!

smoochies the scrunnchy face

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Way to go bouncer!

You have your people trained already, and so early on. Emma would be

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aww....good boy!!! and you look so cute in your pool! NM



Our three JOYS !!!  

Sophie,  Meaty,  and, Professor   (adopted in March 2016, went to Rainbow Bridge Dec. 2016)  

Our sweet Archimedes "MEATY" Bones (or as we say...boneSHHH!)    ---born 11/28/08---- our first bullllyyyy!!!

And  SOPHIE  Bubbles *Rapscallion*   (LOL!) ---born 4/3/11----our second bulllllyyyy!!!!