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I'm boarding Sisy for the first time - any tips are welcome!

Hello Friends,

I'm going to board Sisy for the first time for almost 10 days.  I'm in Houston and virtually all of the reputable boarding facilities are booked for the holidays.  I found a very nice ranch-style facility in Katy (Circle Lake Ranch Pet Resort - IH10 and HWY 99). It's clean, well organized and the lady in charge is very personable and sweet.  The kennels are indoors with a HVAC system.  The outside yard is probably 1 acre with a tall metal fence.

Since it's our first time I'd like to show you the packing list for your review and comments:

-Shot records

-Both the Vet and my contact information

-Blanket and pillow

-Food container

-Water and food bowls



-An old t-shirt with scent 

Everything will be labeled with details and a picture of Sisy.

Am I forgetting something?  Sisy has been such a great dog.  She's 2 years old and hasn't had a single health problem.  This facility is very picky about shot records and wants fresh (6 months or less) bordetella and canine flu shots.  I'm just hoping she won't get sick.


Any help or guidance will be greatly appreciated!







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Just a couple of ideas

Sounds like you're pretty prepared!

I don't know where you're located, but you might want to emphasize bullies' intolerance for heat.  Just to make sure they don't leave her out of the AC for any period of time.  Or let her play too long with the other dogs and get overheated.

Also, make sure there are no bodies of water she could get into.  The sitter might not know they can't swim.

Bulldogs are such sensitive creatures...  people don't realize!


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Baths - to add to Celine's advise

If they bath upon your return (many do) make sure they no that a drying crate is absolutely not to be used.  Bulldogs can die in drying crates.

I'm assuming you have already asked about their experience if any with bulldogs. 

They will likely email or text you pictures if you have internet access while you are gone, those are always appreciated.

Have fun!

I'm so thankful to have a doggie sitter who owns bulldogs, it gives me much peace of mind when I have to leave them.