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If you're questioning pet insurance...

I want to share an awesome story about my friend's golden retriever puppy that she recently got around Christmas time.  Upon advice given to her from myself and our other friends with dogs, my friend signed up for a free trial of Trupanion insurance. Five days later her 9 week old golden retiever puppy, named Leo, had to have emergency surgery for ingesting a metallic object (that was never actually recovered).  The poor puppy had a terrible reaction to the anesthesia and went into cardiac arrest, was in a coma, awoke in bad shape and needed to spend 10 days in the emergency hospital getting 24 hour care. It was touch and go and the doctors prepared them to put him down because even if he lived, the chance of neurological damage was very high. My friends decided to take him home when he stabilized and give him a shot even though he lost the ability to walk and had tremors. Well, slowly over several weeks he started to scoot around, and months later with physical therapy (including hydrotherapy), he has fully recovered and back to the same energetic and playful puppy! Trupanion (on only a FREE trial) covered $27,000 of a $30,000 bill. Yes you read that right! So I continue to recommend insurance, specifically Trupanion, and this story just confirmed for me that it is not a waste of money! You can find his story if you search the Trupanion website and see a couple of cute pics too! I wanted to share because it could have been a very sad story, but he is such a little trooper! 


Trupanion is great!

When I worked in a clinic I would push owners to at least do the free trial, they were under no obligation to purchase anything...but that free trial helped quite a bit of our clients in puppy hood!

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Why a beautiful story!!

Why a beautiful story!!


❤ My Bullies 

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Oh wow!beautiful story indeed

Oh wow!beautiful story indeed !

Glad the lil guy is doing great ne on his way to full