I just received this update from change.org about Jagger the Bulldog who was kidnapped and murdered.


Judge presiding over the case: (Hon. Michael H. Evans)

Cowlitz County Superior Court

Hall of Justice-312 SW First Avenue-Kelso, WA 98626

Phone 360-577-3085

Fax 360-414-5506

A woman with a disability offered baby items to a couple in need. It is believed the couple intended to do a home invasion. When they realized more than one person was in the home and saw Jagger the bulldog defending his family, that plan changed. The boyfriend is named Johnny Lee Jordan, girlfriend is named Ivy Rose Svaleson and they stole her Bulldog Jagger. The owner was targeted because she was vulnerable. She was extorted for her prescribed pain medication needed to manage her disability, extorted for money for the safe return of Jagger. It was implied in several news reports Jagger was a Service Animal to his owner. Jagger's paw was injured during the abduction. Mr. Jordan and Ms. Svaleson brought the dog to Jessie James Clark and he agreed to keep the dog. Ivy Rose Svaleson went into labor the same day Jagger was kidnapped and gave birth. When Jagger was being held captive by Jessie James Clark, Jagger never got medical attention for the injuries he sustained during his kidnapping. Jessie James Clark never contacted the police about Jagger and when he was questioned by police, he denied knowing anything about Jagger's disappearance or where Jagger was being held captive (Clark's residence). A picture of Jagger was sent via text to Jagger's owner. He was tied to such a short leash it appeared he could not lay down. A ransom was made of $1,000 and for all of the woman's prescribed pain medication. When the woman was unable to meet the demands of the kidnappers they threatened to torture Jagger to death. Jagger was found dead on railroad tracks and a necropsy was conducted. Jagger had been tortured to death, his face removed, he was placed on the railroad tracks and his body was run over by a train.

Mr. Clark and Mr. Jordan were arrested in early November in 2011. Ivy Rose Svaleson was arrested in January of 2012. Mr. Clark posted his $5,000 bond and disappeared around April 18, 2012. He had a Bench Warrant issued for his arrest but was apprehended by authorities around May 22, 2012. Clark had a Hearing scheduled on August 2, 2012 but failed to appear in Court. He was a fugitive again and his whereabouts were unknown until his house burned down. He was taken into custody and was able to Bond out of Jail again. Mr. Clark was charged with Possession of Stolen Property, Extortion and Four counts of Bail Jumping. On March 1, 2013 a Jury convicted Jesse James Clark of 1st Degree Extortion, 1st Degree Possession of Stolen Property and Four Counts of Bail Jumping. Clark will be Sentenced on March 7th, 2013. Ivy Rose Svaleson posted a $3,000 bond in March 2012. Ivy Rose Svaleson accepted a Plea Deal and pleaded Guilty to First Degree Extortion. She recieved a Jail Sentence of 9 Months and began her Sentence in June 2012. A Motion was granted by the Judge allowing Svaleson to finish her semester in school so her incarceration will not affect her financial aid. Mr. Jordan had a $20,000 Bond and has been incarcerated since November 2011. Jordan accepted a plea deal and recieved 41 months in Jail. Mr. Jordan pleaded Guilty to Conspiracy to Commit Extortion and Second Degree Theft. On May 23, 2012 a Judge ordered Restitution in the amount of $2,687.28 be paid to Jagger's family. The Restitution is equally divided among Johnny Lee Jordan, Ivy Rose Svaleson and Jessie James Clark.

The people arrested are not being fully charged for the horrific crimes they committed. Everything reported on this case reveal details of Animal Cruelty,Theft, Hate Crime (against a person with a disability), Conspiracy, Tampering with Evidence, and Service Animal Statutes were violated under Washington State Law. None of these charges have been investigated by Cowlitz County Sheriff Mark S. Nelson; included in the Criminal Complaint, or considered by The Cowlitz County Prosecutor's Office, Prosecutor Susan I. Baur. What happened to Jagger and his owner is not being taken seriously. Jesse James Clark, Ivy Rose Svaleson and Johnny Lee Jordan must be held accountable for all of the State Statutes they violated. Jesse James Clark should receive the Maximum Sentence and Penalty for every count proven Guilty. Mr. Clark should serve each sentence consecutively in prison. Jessie James Clark, Johnny Lee Jordan and Ivy Rose Svaleson should be banned from owning or having contact with animals for the rest of their lives.

UPDATE: Jessie James Clark

On March 1st, 2013 Jessie James Clark was found Guilty of First Degree Extortion, First Degree Possession of Stolen Property and Four Counts of Bail Jumping by a Jury. Clark's Trial lasted two days. He faces up to three years in prison and will be Sentenced on March 7th, 2013. Hon. Michael H. Evans will Sentence Clark on this date.

UPDATE: Ivy Rose Svaleson Sentenced

Ivy Rose Svaleson was sentenced to 9 Months in Jail after accepting a Plea Deal. She agreed to plead Guilty to First Degree Extortion with the understanding the Prosecutor recommend 6- 9 Months of incarceration. Ivy Rose Svaleson requested she serve her sentence after she completes her semester in school, so her financial aid is not affected. The request was granted by the Judge.The Petition was mentioned by the Judge during her Sentencing Hearing. The Judge stated the Petition showed people from around the world were outraged by the actions of Ivy Rose Svaleson. He said he took the Petition into consideration.

UPDATE: Johnny Lee Jordan Sentenced

On March 30, 2012 Johnny Lee Jordan was sentenced to 41 months in the Cowlitz County Jail. This was the maximum allowed under the law. He accepted a Plea Deal to Conspiracy to Commit Extortion and Second Degree Theft. According to observers in the Courtroom he showed no emotion during the Hearing. His girlfriend Ivy Rose Svaleson was seen laughing and smiling in the Courtroom Gallery. He did request he serve his time in State Prison rather than Jail. The request was denied by Judge Evans. Johnny Lee Jordan has a Restitution Hearing on 05/11/12.

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to call them animals is an

to call them animals is an insult to the animal world...
it is beyond horrific when heartless,cruel idiots like those two have to resort to animal cruelty...i hope karma is merciless when they do get their comeuppance.
i couldn't even continue reading w/out tears for poor jagger,

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I can't.....

even begin to think of how that poor dog suffered and how frightened he must have been. Nor can I write what I hope happens to the people responsible for it.


Cathy & Zimmer




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Pure disgust

Those dirty heathens I pray they have pain.   I'm so pissed I would like a few hours with these crust!?....oh my God it is so disgusting my heart hurts reading this a flurry of emotions !  Bless that poor little soul that he is in a heavenly kingdom with all the limitless animals of heaven

What a horrible story

Breaks my heart to think of what that poor dog went through.

Can't believe the judge granted the girl's request to delay her sentence so she could complete a semester.

I do hope that karma serves them justly for terrorizing a disabled person and torturing an animal.

RIP Jagger


Lynn King CPDT-KA

I wish the Federal Government would file hate crime charges.

Federal hate crime legislation would fit this case perfectly. They perpetrated this crime against a women who was vulnerable to begin with. The trauma that Jagger and his family have suffered is revolting. As far I am aware double jeopardy wouldn't come into play because the state and federal government can both try for these crimes. Also, the penalty would be more prison time for a federal hate crime.

I am outraged too that the judge showed any empathy toward that coward, just so she could continue receiving student aid.

I think the sheriff and prosecutors in this case dropped the ball. from the beginning they didn't try hard enough to find Jagger. With advances in GPS technology with cell phones and forensics, perhaps they could have found Jagger before he was killed. I think they could have done a sting to catch the perpetrators of this crime.

It does seem like something more should be done

especially because it all started with the robbery of a disabled person. Everything about this story makes me sick. I agree with Stephanie, I hope their hometown knows all about what they did.


Lynn King CPDT-KA

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Just let everyone in his home town know what he did

Dog people are not very forgiving.

I agree. I hope they feel the wrath of hate...

for what they did to Jagger's parents, and to sweet baby Jagger.

Informing and posting their pictures

would certainly make their lives miserable.


Lynn King CPDT-KA

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I have to choose not to open and read that one.


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call me old fashion ,but someone should do to them

what they did to that poor bull dog.........eye for an eye.


Cory & Penelope

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I don't get it.. Why would they do such a thing..

I hope they rot and suffer forever. Yes, please someone post their pics and addresses.  


sincerely, christine