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I had someone reply to my column (bulldog related)

As Asian man living in (I think) Las Vegas replied to my column saying that I had cooked the duck embryo eggs incorrectly. I went to message him on Facebook for the right way and it turns out, he has a bulldog named Molley. It's a very cute bulldog, too. I mentioned this site and maybe he'll visit.

It was me. Lol,,,

It was me man... Lol... I been on this site for a month now. I saw your column while I was here on this site.....

My name is Aude` and you alread know Molley....

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lol@ me man...!!!molly you

lol@ me man...!!!molly you are just beautiful!!!
smoochies the scrunchy face

Am from Vegas myself, Rancho

Am from Vegas myself, Rancho High.What part of Asia are you from. Am from Thailand. I guess that makes both of us Asian. How is it that your Asian and don't know how to cook Balut eggs let alone egg . ; ) Lol....

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I'm not Asian

My grandparents (and one great-grandparent) were Russian/Poland Jews, German Jews (probably, we're not sure,) English and
Swedish, so I'm a mutt. All my relatives were from NYC, but I'm from Iowa.

But, I've traveled a lot, and was in Asia (including Thailand) twice many years ago. My parents had some Thai friends when I was growing up and they liked their food hot. Their kids liked American-style food.

Is Rancho High a school or a town?

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Someone on the other site I send you wants to see pix of Molley.

what other site are you

what other site are you talking about?  So I just post some pix of here here for you.

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Simply beautiful. What a cute bulldog face!

I love her smile.

Rancho High School, it's in

Rancho High School, it's in Las Vegas. I musy be confuse or something, The other post on here says he was an asian guy and from Vegas and living in Vegas. Lol... I must not read that right, Am sorry if I confused you.


I did read that first post

I did read that first post wrong. My confusion. Sorry.