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Do you know who her breeder was?

I'm very sorry about your loss. 11 years is a good run - mine was that age too when I lost her.

Her breeder would be the very best source of information. Did you get any papers when you bought her - you could find the name of the breeder there if you didn't buy directly from them.

It's also your best bet at finding a direct descenden.


forum rules state that I can

forum rules state that I can not give breeders names but I do have papers. The breeder where we got our bully is no longer around. I looked at the pedigree from the AKC and found the people who origanlly had the sire. I talked to them and she was very nice but really didn't say much to me about my breeder.

I am sure that the AKC has the information about the litter from which we got our bully but they are not gonna give the details about the families that bought them

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Hmmmm... maybe

you could try re-posting your question on the Show Forum (check the home page). Some of the breeders who are on the forum post there. Maybe you'll have some luck.

Perhaps if you told folks why you wanted to find the siblings, people would be more receptive? Is it because you want to visit or because you'd like a pup that shares her lineage. If the latter is the case, the lady you spoke to before who owned the sire might be able to help you - if you put it in those terms?

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There's a list of breeders on the home page of this site. Maybe you could contact the ones in Ohio directly with your question.