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Husband laid off, home all day and Gunther won't leave him alone!

Gunther's daddy, his best friend and play thing, has been laid off and is now home all day. It's only been 2 weeks and Gunther just wont settle down. He usually sleeps ALL day on the couch and Marc spends time with him, takes him for a walk then goes upstairs to work on the computer and look for jobs.

Gunther will not go to sleep! He sits by the desk and stares at Marc, the other day was growling at the base of the stairs for him, He lays down occasionally but only for 20-30 minutes. Marc says he can't get any work done.

Any tips on how Marc should handle him? Gunther has figured out daddy is the soft one, that gives him whatever he wants most of the time...



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Gunther is playing him like a fiddle

They can be very clever that way.  Maybe daddy could set up his bed at the foot of his desk so Gunther can hang out while he works?  Give him something nice and chewy to distract him a bit?

I know my Stella would settle if I'd just bring my laptop over to the sofa and "work with her".  Otherwise, she was always checking on me.



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Clever indeed!

He has tried the bed by the desk, but he doesn't take to it very well. When we are not home, he sleeps on the couch in the living room. I bet if Marc was sitting on the couch working, gunther would be asleep on the couch... but the office is upstairs....


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seems like gunther has it all

seems like gunther has it all figured out around marc...,lol

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The answer is easy

You either move the office downstairs or move the couch upstairs.  Come on, mom and dad!!!



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We actually mentioned both those things last night! lol


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What you need to do is.......

Post some pictures....we love pictures of Bullies.



Mean people still suck

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A doggy gate will be his best friend (after man's best friend of

course)  I use our doggy gate to give me some very much needed space.  Fatboy can growl, whine, pout, and vocally voice is disapproval all he wants; he eventually goes off to take a nap.  I don't use the gate to block Fatboy off into a certain area, but I use it to block off the space I need...so it's more like blocking me off in a specific area =P 


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Sorry to hear hubby laid off

Gunter. Just having a great time .  I use a baby gates.  Work. Wonder. I love Gunter e-mail blogs.