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How much do you guys think I should be feeding Sherm?

I see conflicting things. Some say as much as they want if he's active. Some say 2 1/2-3 cups. Some say 4 cups. You guys are all experienced. I feed him typically about 3 cups a day. Cup in the morning. Cup in afternoon. Cup at night.  A little more when we do training and couple pieces here and there for no reason. So 3 1/2 tops. I ask cause sometimes he seems to be scavenging around a lot searching for stuff on the floor like he's hungry. 


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I feed Tank 1 cup in the morning and 1 cup at night. Keeps his weight stable at about 50 pounds. But Sherman is a puppy so his needs are probably different because his bones are growing. I agree that he needs to eat 3x a day though. I give my dogs each a treat once a day at about 1130AM and they still scavenge around....probably the nature of the beast LOL!

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That sounds about right.

Since he is still a puppy, he could eat that much and not grow heavy. When heis grown, you will probably taper off, but he may not need you to if he stays at a healthy weight:-)


Amy and Sophia

Farley weighs in at about 62 pounds.

He eats 1.25 cups in the morning and 1.25 cups in the evening. 

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3 Cups

is a typical average for a puppy his age. If he gets too thin you might need to up that a little, just depends on his growth spurts and how active he is. At one point I was feeding Kohl 5 cups a day. After 6 months you should be able to eliminate the noon time feeding, decreasing the 3 cups a little, but I would probably just change him to 1 1/2 c 2x a day unless he starts to get too fat.

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Thanks everybody

Looks like I'm about on track then. And yea he's pretty active. He's been going crazy running around squeaking one toy then on to the duck then on to the ball and again and again for oh.. About an hour lol


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