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How do I stimulate my dog's appetite to eat her kibble??

My bulldog has always been a picky eater and my husband and I are having a hard time to get her to eat anything right now.  She's not eating enough and when she does it's not much just little bites here and there.  She has no interest in kibble or canned food right now and we've tried cooking for her with some success.  I was reading about giving her vitamins or getting a supplement called seacure to sprinkle on her food.  Has anyone else experienced this or has any helpful hints/advice??

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That is a problem we rarely have but...

my son's wheaton is a picky eater.  When he's here, we have tried putting some plain yogurt on his food and he loves it.  Sometimes we sprinkle a little shredded mozzarella, just a little variety to get him interested.  

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What are you feeding?

I would also try plain, fat free yogurt, or mozarella cheese, or similar. It could be the kibble your dog just isn't liking! What do you feed?


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Have you tried a little cheese on top of the kibble?

You don't need much – just a little pinch. You can use any pasta type cheese or cheddar. It's worth a try.

I keep a small spray bottle

of 3/4 water and 1/4 liquid smoke - the dogs go nuts for that smoky smell and taste.. spray 2 sprays on their food! I have a picky eater too!