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How bad are stairs for bulldogs

Ok here is the deal.   We just moved into a 4th floor apartment.    Coming out of the apartment if you go to the left about 60 feet you will find the stairs.   If you go to the right about 130 feet you will find the slowest elevator ever.  Seriously it's so, slow.    About a week after we moved in we check-out the stairs with Chef D.    Ever since then as soon as we open the door he always goes to the left even though most of the time we use the elevator (he is off leash at this point).       He's fine in elevators, so it's not like he doesn't like them, I just think he likes the stairs more.  Maybe because he gets to do his business faster?

We started just taking him down the stairs, walk around the buliding and take the elevator back up.   Although given a choice he would take the stairs also.  He seems to like the cardo or something.  It's kind of funny.

Anyway, do you think that is a problem?  Should we just take him in the elevator all the time?  I don't mind either, but I don't want to hurt him either.


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No problem I can see

If wants the exercise, I say go for it! As long as he's not jumping down multiple stairs, in which case he could slip or hurt his joints, why not.

And it gives you a bit of cardio too :)

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hey as long as he's not in

hey as long as he's not in pain or having difficulty i say the (chef)d man is liking his cardio and it gets him to do his business faster!lol

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Stairs should not be a problem

We have to help our bulldog up and down the stairs, but she's 13 years old. A young dog like yours, one who likes to take the stairs, this should be no problem If you don't like to take the stairs, you could do it sometimes and not others.

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None I see.

Loulou was over weight 65 lb. now at 50 lb. My daughters live on the three floor. Now for about a year. The dogs love it. Loulou has done every well. She just out if my car runs up those stairs while I'm behind her. She knows right where her sister apartment are. Both of them has never had a problem other than they choose which side the want to pee first. 



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I have 3 floors

in my home. I would only caution you to make sure he goes up and down at a reasonable pace. My Kohl seems to think the only way is charging as fast as he can up and down. Doing this he has torn a CCL. It's been a year and I opted not to surgery since it was likely a very small tear, but now I keep a collar on him and control his charging down the stairs.

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Going DOWN the steps will lead to problems..

Going DOWN steps are hell on a bully's front shoulders.

Think of how they do it.. bam, bam, bam, done.. Zapper used to fly down the steps, slide across the floor at the bottom and bang into the front door. Now I have to carry him down the steps due to bone spurs/arthritis in his front shoulders.

Bullies love to romp up and down stairs but it will eventually cause problems more than likely.