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House Training

We have had our bulldog for 2 months, she's now 8 months old and we are having problems with house training her. If we catch her in the act, we take her outside immediately. When she goes outside, she get lots of love and praise. She'll squat to pee 2 minutes after we've taken her outside and she didn't do anything outside. She still sometimes poops in the house too. She is in her kennel when we are not here and at night while we are sleeping. She doesn't seem to give any warning when she's going to pee, we can be playing with her ball and she'll squat while bringing the ball back to you (even if you just took her out!). Does anyone have any suggestions?

She's also started throwing up. We have her eating out of a stainless steel bowl that we clean. Because she eats so fast, we put 2 tennis balls in the food bowl to try to get her to slow down. When she throws up, it's her food still in whole pieces. How on earth do you get a bulldog to chew her food????

thanks for any advice. 

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I think it might sound like a UTI.

I would take a urine sample to your vet to rule out a urinary tract infection. 


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On the topic of fast eating.....

Tucker was a super quick water as a puppy well actually he still is. He would eat then puke it all up and the food wasn't the least bit digested. Our vet suggested we take a regular cereal bowl and put it upside down in his bowl then put his food in. It works wonders because it causes him to work harder to get his food. He had to eat around the upside down bowl. The only thing is that u have to put a new bowl every other day or every day because it can get funky underneath. Works like a dream I promise. Good luck, puppies can be little buggers :)


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I meant eater.

Auto correct on my iPhone!


Katie & Tucker a.k.a "Porkchop"

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Agree with possible UTI ... Also is she spayed?

If not has she been in season? If she hasn't been in she might be starting to come in, some young bitches pee a lot when they are going to come into season.

If she isn't spayed and you aren't showing, get her spayed.

You don't mention if this is a new thing or she has always done this.

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Bertha was spayed the middle of June. She hasn't ever been fully house trained, but she was getting close. Over the last week or 2 we seem to have taken 3 step backwards. She now pees and poops in the house.  It seems to be worse when I'm at work and my husband is home with her. I don't think she has a uti because she hasn't had an increase in urinary frequency. I think she's mad at me for going back to work!

With the vomiting, we put 2 tennis balls in her food bowl with her food. Her eating has slowed, but she still swallows her food whole. She threw up 3 times today. My husband is at his wits ends and ready to get rid of her. I of course am against that!