Horrible gas please HELP ME

I have two bullies a four year old and a five year old and they have horrendous gas. Someone told me plain yogurt a scoop in their food and that didn't work does anyone have any other remedies that may work?

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What are you feeding them?

Sometimes a different food can make a difference.  The plain yogurt usually works for us.

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A fan and inscense

I have a fan running in my living room most of the time.  My desk is in the corner and Buddy and Brother get me over there and ya can't even move to get away from it, so I keep it stirred.  We feed raw now but raw and kibble both cause gas in Bullys Tell you huh?

It still will make us laugh till we cry sometimes...


Mean people still suck

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I use Tums.

No smells in my house. I give both of mine Tums.