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Hope everyone had a fun 4th

We did fine here.  Buddy and Brother react differently to fireworks, Ole' laid back Bud wants to listen and take it all in and Brother wants to get em'.  They both stayed in and listened to loud TV and later music to keep the noise down...

We did have an accident, but like I told Bud it was a long day inside and we were gone a lot, and not by choice, he felt so bad I just loved him and told him it was OK......I could tell who it was by the and the poor boy looked like he was being lead off to be hanged.....I just couldn't scold him. In fact I've never been mad at him.  Who could get mad at my Buddy?

Hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th, it's a good time to be extra careful......



Mean people still suck

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Happy 4th......

glad they both did OK alone. Poor dogs, they all hate fireworks :(


Cathy & Zimmer