Home made dog food

Does anyone make there own food?

With all of Babe Ruth's health issues I'm thinking about making my own.

Just looking for some recipes?

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Home cooking

I home cooked for both of my first two bullies and just switched my 7 week old new bully to a home cooked diet. The main thing is just to be careful to supplement the diet correctly especially with calcium and vitamin supplements. I use the company Nature's Farmacy for my supplements and they also have a diet guideline to follow. They will also consult with you over the phone for free. You can download a copy of their diet off of their webpage. They do raw for hamburger and cooked for the other meats but I cook all of mine. You can also look up the SunDog Cat Moon webpage and that is a holistic vet office in SC that has a crock pot recipe diet to fix for dogs and cats. I have considered using that as well. I do not do grains potatoes in my dog's meals as they seem to contribute to yeast in bulldogs. The plus side of the diet is fewer allergies and much less stool and no gas. Let me know if you need anything else. Good luck

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What I feed my Frenchie

This is for my 22 pound Frenchie which lasts me 4 days. You would need to adjust accordingly for your bully.

1 pound of ground turkey boiled

1/2 package of the following frozen or fresh organic veggies. I usually take 2 or 3 from list and steam them pulverize in food processor into a nice mush.


Green Beans

Artichoke hearts

Shredded cabbage

Baby carrots





1 bag of frozen organic brown rice from Trader Joe's.

Mix alltogether and refrigerate.

When it's meal time this is what I add to it:

1 megaprobiotic

Milk thistle  for his liver

1/2 teaspoon of Ester C powder

1/2 teaspoon of Bone Meal Powder

1 capsule of blue/green algae

1 Sardine (unsalted canned sardines in water rinsed)

 It is important to rotate veggies and protein. ( When i feed beef, it is grass fed organic and the same with Chicken (organic))

I swear my dog eats healthier than me! He will be 14 in November and I believe it is because for the most part I am aware of what is going into his belly.

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What you mean I'd guess is you want to improve your dogs health.

Raw is best  imho.  [My humble opinion.]  

I wouldn't question the diet of a 14 year old dog except I couldn't afford it.

Raw is easier than cooking........and the dog gets his bone and organ along with meat.

My story is  Brother the white bully wouldn't get off the couch to eat one morning.  He was also bloated and miserable.....on the best food in the pet store....I had been thinking of raw and then it just had to be....

As far as cooking for dogs, I think imo that the time would be better spent reading up on raw feeding........like I say, in my opinion

People here will help you and it's pretty easy.........

Here is Buddy and Brother



Mean people still suck

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Your dogs are beautiful! I

Your dogs are beautiful! I would love to switch to a raw diet but I am nervous to do it and make a mistake. I am the kind of person that needs it all spelled out for me. It obviously agrees with your two because they are stunning!