Holy Mother of Pearl...

did I get a surprise tonight. Took Phoebe to stay with the breeder while we are away for a couple of nights. They kept her litter mate, a female, as well and we had not seen her since we picked Phoebe up in May. So these two girls are now 8 months old. Allegria, their puppy, must be at least 25-30 pounds heavier than Phoebe and totally gorgeous. To be honest my initial reaction was what the heck happened to my bully. But they were adamant that Phoebe is just fine but that she will just be a much smaller girl. I was absolutely astounded to be honest. Perhaps I am also surprised since my other bullies have all been fairly big and I was not expecting to own a smaller dog. Who knows? She may have a huge growth spurt and if not then I will love her for who she is - my lovable, chewing, cute as a button, totally sociable girl.  Moral of story = don't go into things with preconceived ideas. Love everyone for who and what they are!

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Good things come in small packages!

My Stella was about 45 pounds and a little girl by bully standards.  And it was great!  There's something to be said about being able to pick them up if you need to.  Mind you, I couldn't carry her for miles, but I did carry her down stairs during fire drills, etc.  Give me a 65 lb bully and I couldn't have done that.

P.S.  How come you didn't take any pics!!!!!!  :)



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My Duchee is a small girl, she is about 47lbs and a small head

but she is just cute as a button, love her to death...your right good things come in small packages.


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40--45 lbs is not small, it is standard

for bitches and yes if you go to the shows this is the size of bitches you will see in the ring.  Give me a 40 lb bitch anyday and I'd be very happy.  Substance is very important in a standard sized bitch, she should be compact.

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ay sweetie...i'm sure she's

ay sweetie...i'm sure she's just fine no biggie...do you love her any less?

my archie was 57lbs..although to me he was a big guy quite a few ppl

told me by bully standards for a male he was actually under weight!

for the life of me i couldn't have seen him any bigger than that,lol!!!

she's gorgeous,happy and primarily healthy-but above all loved!

smoochies the scrunchy face

I plan to take pics when I go back to pick her up tomorrow...

and thanks for all your positive comments. I know she will be just fine and she will be as loved as all my previous bullies.