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Every time I get on here, all you bully people think I've been in the rum again and laugh at me. Well, that's okay. But you should know that I have found, after much research, and especially during the holidays; DO NOT WASH YOUR HAIR WITH SHAMPOO WHILE IN THE SHOWER!!! Many people use shampoo in their shower. However, when doing so, the shampoo runs down your body! The printed label on the bottle says, "FOR EXTRA BODY AND VOLUME". No wonder people gain weight. So, stop using shampoo and start using dish washing liquid. That label clearly states: "DISSOLVES FAT THAT IS OTHERWISE DIFFICULT TO REMOVE." Problem solved! Watch this site for more helpful hints throughout the holidays. I'll be in the area all day. Hey, Warden, where's my rum???

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Works for me...I will switch right away...

Too funny...


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You're crazy, man!

And I like that about you!!

I've been doing it wrong for YEARS!

Boy I needed that giggle! :) Thanks :)


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I'm switching today!

I'm also changing out the dog shampoo for my little loaf of bulldog.


That's my excuse! I've been doing it totally wrong for ever! Thanks for the tip, I never would have put 2 and 2 together and figured this out! What a life saver you are!!


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hahahahahahaha...made the

hahahahahahaha...made the switch this morning!,lol!!!

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hee hee.......thank you! I will start this NOW! LOL!!! NM



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Dude! Thanks for the warning!

LOL! Unca Bill, you are still nuts!


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I hope they have a nice scent in dish soap.