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Hi Need someone's input

I'm having trouble with my boy biting my feet and his mommy's feet all the time . I know he thinks he's playing but he won't stop even when told to, if I put my hand down to stop him he bites at it. Tonight when I got home he had bit his mommy when she tried to stop him from biting her feet ( drew blood ) they were out playing. this is my third bully and I never had a problem like this other than that he's a doll baby and we love him to death. BTW he's 3.5 months go's to classes, is completely housebroken ( so I know how smart the boy is ) just has alot of puppy in him. its when i'm shaving getting dressed or just plain walking down  the hall.   THANK YOU ALL IN ADVANCE.   (BTW I'll post pics as soon as I figure out how lol ) 




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no  help her, but i am sure it will come. loof knowledgeable folks here. good luck........ bouncer, i KNOW you can do it!!



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I so understand what you are talking about!

The trick for us to stop Phoebe from chewing at our toes and feet was to put a few pennies in an empty plastic bottle- eg water bottle - and each time  she did it we would shake the bottle. The noise was enough to startle her a bit - enough to stop. Over time and with consistency she learned that she was not to do this. Don't  shake it so loudly that it scares her just enough to startle her. As you shake the bottle say" No biting". Hopefully this will work for you as well as it did for us.

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my archie had become

my archie had become aggressive w/my dad...esp when he had a a papertowel in his hand...

to this day i still don't get why...and it became really bad b/c he drew blood and my dad

had required 7 stitches!!!long story short working closely w/his vet he suggested neutering

and a good trick the trainer had suggested and it might sound harsh but it had

started to work(before the unthinkable happened)...take a water bottle w/a strong streamer...

everytime he does this spray him...i have also read this technique in a few bulldog manuals,

bouncer is still a pup and he sounds pretty bright so the chances of him stopping that are pretty good

my archie would've been 3 this april that just passed...he didn't survive the surgery b/c he was given ace

as part of his sedation...keep us posted sweetie and good luck

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Our breeder said

"Your gonna need to get a big tube of neo-sporin."    He didn't tell me it was for us.  It seems to be a bully thing, but I will tell ya when we got the second bully they played and forgot about "puppy biting."   I'm no expert....but imho pups are taken from the litter too just your, but most....I'd like to see them stay till they are 12 weeks old, cause there are lessons taught and learned by the puppies and their littler mates.


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Sorry too

I get to talking and forget the good news is they do stop biting and now it's just a memory....we did play and divert his attention when he would bite, some would say that's rewarding bad behavior....some not. Of the boys, Buddy and Brother, Brother, the white  youngest never did bite us, but he gave it to Buddy, the brindle one.



Mean people still suck

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Get some bitter apple and...

spray your hands and feet with it.  Whenever he tries to bite, give him a firm NO and give him a chew toy instead.  He will catch on.  Our guys were all bitey at that age, a combination of puppy teeth and puppy play.

It's a phase

My Angus did that too at just about the same age.  It was a phase because he eventually stopped and no longer does it. He's 18 months now. Hopefully, it's a phase with your too!

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He's going to be in this phase for some time.

Fatboy stopped being a biter around 12 months.  


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Raven was also a crazy feed biter, but amazingly

in the last month or so (since most of her puppy teeth fell out)  she has pretty much stopped :)  She is now almost 6 months old. We didn't really do anything different than we had been doing I just think she outgrew that phase.  So my advise would be to be patient....better days are coming.


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**Ooops, meant crazy FEET biter :)



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Spray bottle with water

And step high. It is a puppy bullie thing. They will grow out of it.  My problem they try to eat everything in the house.