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hi everyone, long time

hi everyone, 

 well, its been awhile since I've last posted.  Unfortunately we lost our Roscoe at the early age of 7 in July.  He had a hidden condition, dialated cardio-myopathy, that suddenly surfaced.  Diagnosed on a Monday, July 9, passed in our arms at 6:37 the following morning.  Needless to say, we are still devestated.  Chief is taking it very hard as well. He really loved his brother.

I have a question for everyone, as we look for a new little guy.  We really want to rescue, but the rescue group is taking FOREVER.  So we are also looking at getting an older puppy from a breeder.

Is it a red flag when a breeder has older puppies (4 months), or just a sign of the economy?  we have always rescued, so this is our first experience looking for a breeder.  We are looking at older puppies since Chief is a still-exuberent 8 years old, so we want a pup who can match his energy without getting hurt haha.

Thank you all for any input!

I say wait for the rescue!

I just recently joined one of the local rescue's in my area (Washington State) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and I say wait for them! The time they are taking is to access the dog and make sure they are all taken care of medically, behaviorally etc. before they put them up for adoption. We have so many dogs currently in ours at the moment, about 20 with around 15 adoptable, 5 in foster homes being treated for various conditions.

I just went to the foster house of the most current one that was taken in, he is bald on his under belly, down his legs, around his face from a yeast infection, likely from the poor food he was given. The vet said it took at least a year for it to get this bad. He was made to live outside because he "stunk". Most likely from that yeast infection. Nails so long they were growing back into his pad. His feet are pink, swollen, craked and on the verge of bleeding when he walks and yet, when the owners wife signed the surrender paperwork and gave the gal his rusted leash, he walked her to the car and jumped right in as if to say "please, just get me the Hell out of here!". ... His owner was a pastor of a local church that helps the homless no less..

They really need homes, they range from seniors that are so loving, that people don't give a chance to, who's owners could have died or (should have as in the case above, sorry if I'm rude), couldn't care for them anymore etc. that count on people like you who have gone to rescue before for their fur children!!!to special needs bullies like another we have that has Spina Bifida and has to wear diapers, but has the best spirit in the world and gives the very best kisses :)  Wait for another one! They are worth it!


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So sorry about Roscoe

Make sure to follow up with the rescue organization. Some may get so many applications, it's hard to track the ones that are serious about adoption or have gotten a dog through another source.

Whatever you decide, best of luck


Lynn King CPDT-KA

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Hello again. So sorry about Roscoe

I would contact the rescue again and let them know you are very serious about this adotion. There is more than one rescue out there, they may want to be reminded of that, and you can always look elsewhere. I tend to not want a puppy from a breeder only becasuae it encourages them to breed again! Just my opinion though.


Amy and Sophia

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Sorry to hear of your lost.

They are never with us long enough . Best wishes with the new puppy. I have never had a puppy or ever brought for a bullie breeder. 



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Thanks to all for the input!

Thank you to everyone for the condolences, we miss our little guy but live knowing that we gave him a great life while he was here - spoiled doesn't begin to describe that dog!  I'm going to follow up with the rescue group one more time, I just wasn't sure.  I know they are all volunteers, but we're just anxious lol.  We've passed through the initial checks, and the phone interview, and now waiting on the home visit.

Chief is in mourning, and needs a new brother!  I feel bad for constantly chasing them, but really want to help a little bully in need.  I will let everyone know how it goes, and intro our new guy when it gets settled!

Look on Facebook for different rescue groups . . . .

I must have no less than 10 rescue groups on my facebook - some are local, some are nation wide  (Most of the groups do 'Bully Auctions' on facebook as a fund raiser, and once you visit one of the auctions, you see all of the other rescue groups too !)  I know that the rescues are ALWAYS in need of fosters -  however, alot of the dogs are 'Only Dog' situations :(


Last steps taken May 26, 2014 -- Been rolling along ever since . . . . 

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I would also see about other groups

Maybe if you're willing to drive a bit, and they'll do out of state adoptions, you could get a baby faster... 


Best of luck - and so sorry to hear about Rosco!

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Older Puppy

There is nothing wrong with getting an older puppy from a breeder.  While rescue is always a viable option it isn't always for everyone.  You have to make that decision for you and your family by weighing the pros and cons.  Get a piece of paper write Pros on one side and Cons on the other.  I personally find one of these comments offensive., reputable breeders breed typically for the next show puppy.  Any breeder who has more then 2 bitches and is raising more then 1 or 2 litters a year I would pass and find another.  If you are impatient then you will likely head to a puppy miller or BYB, which I would caution against.   But to say that you won't buy from a breeder because it encourages them to breed is IMO offensive to alol the reputable breeders that have the best interest of this breed at heart.  Without these breeders we would not have the bulldog breed.  You have to find a reputable breeder, not a puppy miller or BYB.  Find a BCA member who is also health testing at a minimum to the BCA standards, and preferably additional testing. 

Reputable breeders will definitely have older puppies.  They may have held on to several in a litter to determine which will have the best show potential.  Puppies change drastically from 9 weeks to 6 months and show potential is very difficult to determine at 9-10 weeks.  Find a breeder who raise their puppies in the home, with their family and you will have an extremely well adjusted puppy.  You have to do you homeowrk to find the right breeder.    

While rescue is a great thing to do and I encourage can also find an older puppy that would be a great family member.  There are also breeders that at times will have an older dog they will rehome. 

I have a male that was the pick of the litter that did not turn out.   While at times I think I would like to rehome him...I can't do it...but you can find wonderful older dogs from very reputable breeders that may rehome. 

SO ....   YOU HAVE TO MAKE THE BEST CHOICE FOR YOU.  There are many very reputable breeders. 

Please go to the BCA website, look for a club or breeder/s in your area and start networking.   But please be patient. 

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My comment wasn't about reputable breeders...

And I answered in too much of a hurry to clarify. You are correct Deb, there are some awesome breeders out there that produce one or two litters from one or two females and do so for the betterment aof the breed and for show quality dogs. If a breeder decides a puppy isn't going to the ring, it may be put up for sale and would be a little older I would think. A pup like that would be fine. 

I meant from a byb or someone who claims to be doing for show dogs but breeds numerous litters from females kept in cages or kennels 24/7 and only are there to produce babies. Not someone like you or the O'Connors or one of the big show breeders. I would about give my eye teeth to have a pup of that caliber. But so many more breeder are unscrupulous, money grubbing, in it for a buck kind of people and that is who I meant.

No offense meant, and I apologize if you read that in a way other than how I intended it to be taken. You know I do a lot of rescue, not so much now of dogs, but horses, and I see what breeding for money and prestige has done. It breaks my heart. I know the dog world is similar with some of those breeders breeding multiple females a year and selling the puppies for ridiculous amounts..all for the cash. That is who I meant.


Amy and Sophia

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I understood!

Hi Amy,

 understood what you were saying, and I appreciated your input.  If it helps, I was making sure to avoid any red-flag mill signs, so that was my first thought.

I'm still trying for rescue, but our Chief is our first concern, we have to find the right dog for him, lol.  After all, it's going to be his dog! 



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Very good input

Thank you for the comment.  Actually, you helped me a great deal, the breeder that was recommended to me actually has 3 or 4 bitches, which is what prompted the question, I didn't get a good feel for them even though someone recommended them.  You helped me out, as did everyone elses comments.  this is why I love this website!  Everyone is so helpful.  We've been going through this rescue process for 2 months now (not even 1/2way done yet) , so I wasn't sure if that was good or not.

On a fun comment, I happened to be in a store similar to Petsmart a few weeks ago, and saw a woman carrying a bulldog puppy.  I asked to say hi, and loved on the puppy for a bit, telling them that we had recently lost ours and were in the process of looking for a new one.  Next thing I knew, the woman's son came around and asked me for advice, it was his puppy, and his first bulldog.  One of the first things I did was tell him to check out Bulldogsworld, because you are always so helpful here!

thank you again to everyone!