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Hi everyone!. Its nicole and Dozer <3

Hello all!,

Dozer and I havent been on in a few months just wanted to pop in and say hello! We hopee everyones halloween was as great as they could have made it out to be!. Dozer had his 2nd birthday on halloween!. unfortunately we were not able to so much, with the storm hitting and thr power being out!. But thankfully our house is ok, unfortunately for my brother is home has been demolished, He was in Long beach and sadly the ocean met the bay and pretty much wiped out his house. But were being as positive as we can be. How did everyone else do?. I hope well and not too much damage wasdone and everyone in your families both human and animal are all doing alright. I am also in my last trimester, i know the last time we all spoke i was having some issues, but things are going great now and it looks like we will be having a christmas angel this year :). It looks liek there are some new faces on here how exciting!. How is gizmo?. and the NC gang and michele and your babies doing?!. im so happy to be on and be in touch!. here are some sort of up to date pics of Dozer

PS- Harley is doing GREAT with my parents down in florida!. Shes having the best time, she loves running around and sitting in the sun!. shes doing fantastic!


Nicole and Dozer

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nic n dozie!!!!glad u are

nic n dozie!!!!

glad u are well sweetie...sad about ur brother-hope things get better,(((hugs)))

hope things go smoothly from here on w/ur bundle od joy!!!

dozie looks fantastic!!!

smoochies the scrunchy face

You've been missed !

Gizmo is fine, as is her little brother Hershey, we rescued him this Spring. I'm sad to see winter is approaching fast and I'm working a new job, which is totally different from what I'm used too (Computer Geek to Warehouse Laboror) but hey it pays the bills right?

Sorry to hear about your brothers place, but glad to know you are safe and sound :) :) :)

Give Dozer a belly rub for us!


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You have definitely been missed, please keep in touch

especially since the baby is getting excited for you


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hi Nicole~~~~great to see you guys

glad that all is going great for you guys...sorry about your brother's house~~~~that was a terrible storm...

Dozer looks great...

don't know if you know but Sugar died on 20 Oct...we are so sad and its been hard...she was very sick and had a mass that was the size of a grapefruit and another...she couldn't be saved and we made the decision to let her go and not suffer....

the g's are great they have had a hard time trying to figure out where Sugar is....


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Thank you guys!

Yes were happy to be back..

Thanks for all the love with my brothers home, They are in great spirits so its keeping everyone else positive!. 

oo deborah im so sorry about sugar :(. I didnt know... At least shes not suffering and shes in a better place. I hope the boys arent too sad,, im sure theyll come out of it soon .. Prayers and thoughts to you guys... <3 <3 <3


Nicole and Dozer