Hello fellow Bullie lovers!!! I'm happy to report that Mr. Bruce is doing GREAT with the house breaking! He has had ZERO accidents in almost 3 weeks! What I have found that works for us is we put bruce in the kitchen with a baby gate vs the carte during the day. It wasn't that we put him in the crate "too much" before, it just was too much for Bruce. He gets super anxious when he can hear all my kids while he is in crate. But he is doing great in the kitchen. OH and of course the string cheese helps:). We took Bruce to Huntington Dog Beach and he had a blast with his kids. He is getting really close to the kids and I take him with me everyday to pick them up from school. He hangs out the window looking for them and when he sees them he gets super excited and covers them in kisses. Here are a few pictures. Thanks for the advise a few weeks ago on training!  The one in my van is how he waits for his kiddos:) Happy holidays!!!!!


Happy married mom of 4 and first time mom to my fur baby BRUCE!!!!!!! HE WAS BORN 2/2/12!!!!

love his jacket!!

great to hear he is doing well with his training!  thanks for sharing your pics - great family!

He is gorgeous...

Would love to see Bruce, Seamus and my Phoebe together. They are all so similar in colour and markings.