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Hey steph!! How's your foster doing??

Please post an update and maybe a picture!


Katie & Tucker a.k.a "Porkchop"

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Yes, we'd love an update


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Margie (her new name) has good days and bad days

She now has three places where she stay; the living room couch, the upstairs TV room couch and a dog bed in my office. She will eat or drink water only if they're brought to her (mostly on the couches). She was going for walks but in the last couple of days has become terrified about going outside despite the warmer weather. I have to drag her outside. She will do her business only during these walks and doesn't poop except every few days (which worries us).

However, she seems to really like people and likes to snuggle. She likes music, too.

She is NOT food motivated and will refuse food for various reasons. She also chews strangly and I can't tell why. She won't let us touch or even look at her mouth. She also seems to have trouble chewing hard food.

When the snow melts (this might be a month or two) we really need to get her to go into the back yard. One of the problems is that she startles at noises and the airplanes that fly directly over our house (sometimes at 600 ft.) terrify her.

Sometimes she'll run from one of her spots to another as if she were frightened by something.

We've started her on Prozac and are hoping that will help. We're also thinking of T-Touch and maybe, if that doesn't help, getting a trainer to come in and help.

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Oh Margie

Thanks for the update Stephanie. Maybe she has a rotten tooth or something that's hurting her mouth. Poor girl. I'm glad she is having some good days. I can't even imagine a bully who doesn't like food! Things will only get better and Margie, you couldn't have anyone better taking care of you so relax princess!!! 

Keep up the good work Stephanie. Everyone here is cheering for all of you ;)


Katie & Tucker a.k.a "Porkchop"

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Thanks for all the advice.

Maybull was the perfect bulldog, but Margie is a challange. Thanks for all the advice and the support. Anyone who has any ideas, we'll be happy to listen and try them.

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slowly but surely margie is

slowly but surely margie is getting there...

love the name btw!

smoochies the scrunchy face

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Well, still sounds like progress

Her number of places is increasing and she is drinking and pooping.

Keep up the amazing work you're doing with her. And I love the name!