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"Hey Sophia! I'z got some Puwena One, and I wike it a wot!!!"

Daddy went to the store today to get some new food to try.  We decided to get the Purina One Lamb and Rice from nearby (the other food is 70 miles away).  Mozie loves it so much he ate it dry (unheard of at our house).  He ate so fast he choked a bit.  We put warm water to wet it and down the hatch it went! I am hoping this will help.  You don't know til you try...Thank you for the suggestion :)


Maggie, Mozie, and Ollie


Maggie, Mozart, and Olivia

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I hope it works

Food is the hardest on very bullie. I do hope this will be the for you. I have try way to many. Vet trip over food. Each dog is different. 



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Oh boy! I hope it does well for you!

I don't know how other dogs respond to it, but Sophia has really done well on it! Good luck!!!


Amy and Sophia