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Hey! I just learned to operate a chain saw!

The guy who remodeled our kitchen (and did a beautiful job) taught me how to operate a chain saw. I just cut up a bunch of logs for next year's firewood. I fee like I've actually accomplished something real.


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Be very careful Steph, a chainsaw will "kickback" when..

least expected. Did I mention it will cut thru human skin and bones like melted butter ?




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But true.


Fatboy aka Stinky :)

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Thanks for your concern

I got all the safety training and supervision. I don't point the end of the saw down, I hold on thight, stay back as far as possible, never take the saw out of the log when it's running, pay attention at all times.

My dad (an orthodepist) used to tell me stories of injuries coming off the farm from guys who weren't paying attention, so I'm careful. But, now I can do this myself instead of trying to find someone to do this for me for huge amounts of money. (Last time it took me about six weeks to find a handyman to cut up some logs.)