Hershey Blew out a knee and needs surgery :( suggestions?

I'm working 2nd shift, 11 hour days... so Dottie typed up the follow post.

I'm hoping all of my Delaware Bully neighbors can make a recommendaton to us !  !

Hi if I'm doing this wrong...I'm sorry this is Dottie(Ricks better half) posting for him while he is at work.
Hershey our little boy who will be one this Sunday has been having some soreness with his knee, well this morning I dropped him off at our vet so they could sedate him and do a good exam of his leg/knee. Well I picked him up tonight after work and well you know it's not good when the girl says the doctor needs to speak with you in the exam room. Long story short... it is suspected that he has a torn CCL(cranial cruciate ligament) with torn LCL(lateral collateral ligament) with possible meniscal tear. Well our vet will not do the surgery they said we need to take him to a specialty vet hospital. Below are the recommended vets:

Veterinary specialty center of Delaware

Dr Mark A Cofone, VMD, DACVS -surgery
Dr Authur J. Jankowski, VMD, DACVS -surgery

Veterinary Referral Center - Malvern, PA

Dr Dietrich Franczuszki, DVM, MS

What we're looking for is if anyone has any experience with this type of surgery, if so please share the good and bad. Also if anyone has any experience with any of these doctors or can recommend a good surgeon in our area.

Thank you for all your help, I'm sure Rick will get on and fix what I didn't enter that he wanted entered

Thanks in advance all ! ! !  !


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Oh Poor Hershey

Rick and Dottie, I'm sending prayers and healing thoughts to your boy.
~Peggy and Stoney


Peggy and Stoney

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ay...poor thing,i'm sure

ay...poor thing,i'm sure w/the right vet he'll be 100% in notime!
smoochies the scrunchy faces

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I would have an orthopedic vet evaluate it and...

see what they recommend.  Have you tried resting him for a couple of weeks, i.e., crate, ex-pen and on a leash to go outside?  The ortho doc here thought Chester had an acl tear and we put him on meloxicam, rested him and now, 6 months later, he has no limp and is fine.  He can even run around and play and no limp.  It's really hard for them to tell if it's torn or not because it won't show up on an xray.  Good luck with your boy, hope it all turns out well.

We tried the Month of rest and limited activities . . .

We had him to the Vet yesterday for a more complete exam of the knee, xrays, sedated him, moved it left right etc. 'Something' is shredded in there it seems :(  we have a consult with the local ortho surgery center on the 20th.   $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $  :(


Peggy have you had any experience with the Surgery Center in New Castle DE?


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Poor guy

And poor you.

I agree with Kathie though. It will be worth the money to consult an orthopedics guy before proceeding with the surgery. Maybe it's not as bad as it seems...

Let's hope so!

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Griffin had his CCL

torn 6 years ago...he had TTO which worked great for him...never had problems...he had a long road to recovery but never any problems...we have the NC vet college and they did the surgery....


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have no experience with this but am sorry to hear

Hopefully it not that bad an if he has to have the surgery may he have a speedy recovery. my thoughts an prayer's are with you all.


Cory & Penelope

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Cwap, Hewshey!

Heck. Hope youz feel better, man.

Your fwiend,



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No advice on the doctors, but wanted to send (((( hugs )))))

to sweet Hershey!!!  So sad to hear that, poor sweet girl !!!!  Do they have her on painkillers while you wait

on the surgery?  Hope so!  Please give her ((( hugs ))) from Meaty, Sophie, and I  !!!


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Yea He's on painkillers - -

we have to wait until the 20th for the consult, and then another week, two or three???  for the surgery.... poor guy, being confined so much right now :( and on pain killers  3x a day.


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