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Here's an idea for Friday Night, and it's not a survey!!

Imagine yourself trapped in a Chinese Food Fortune Cookie Factory. You can't get out until you write ten (10) "fortunes" to be placed in the company's fortune cookies, to be distributed throughout the world. What ten "fortunes" will you come up with? List them here as a reply and we can read each others' ideas tomorrow. Hey, Warden, where's my rum?

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1) Don't order the Gen. Tsao's chicken. It's not really chicken.

2) For a good time, call 612-555-6879.

3) You will meet a tall dark stranger. Whatever you do, don't lend him money.

4) (Psssst. You have toilet paper stuck to your shoe.)

5) (And, your fly is open.)

6) Don't take any wooden nickles.

7) Spoiler alert; The Oscar winner is ... 'THE WOLF OF WALL STREET.'

8) The Cubs will win the World Series in 2014. Get your bets in now.

9) Count to 10 and then duck.

10) The person on your right is not who he says he is.

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And my fly is not open, but thank you for looking!

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The big 10

1) You will meet a rum-drinking prince in the world of the bull

2) No good deed goes unpunished

3) Follow your heart and your head will follow

4) Confusius says Chinese food rules

5) Shake it, don't stir

6) It's better to look good than to feel good

7) Yes men really just want to say no

8) Voulez-vous, ain't no big decision

9) There's no dog like a bulldog

10) Beware of invitations that might get you locked in a Chinese Food Fortune Cookie Factory

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My 10....

1. Don't ever sell your saddle.

2. Spit in wind make wet face.

3. One never steps in poop if light is on.

4. Always buy the lotto ticket next in line to the one the cashier gives you. It is the winner.

5. Sometimes the best friends have 4 legs.

6. One must shut mouth to listen with ear.

7. Chocolate really is the cure.

8. Discernment and discretion create wisdom.

9. Jesus said "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man cometh unto the Father but by Me".

10. Today can be your day of Salvation. 


Amy and Sophia

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10) pay it forward

9) just b/c you can hear doesn't mean you listen

8) egos bruise,prides get hurt and hearts do break

7live don't just exist,laugh out loud,learn from mistakes...

love to feel complete

6)when there's a closed door...construct a window

5) your head and your heart don't always catch up(to each other)

4)whenever you feel down or blue....feel again

3)heroes come in all shapes and sizes and don't always wear capes

2)stand up and own it