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another good one steph! trust

another good one steph!
trust me being greek we have some questionable
delicassies ourselves...considering tripe is the specialty
dish served on easter dinner...and most popular w/afterhours
greek taverns(in greece)...really this is not unusual for me,lol

smoochies the scrunchy face

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Actually, I LOVE tripe.

So does Maybull.

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yikes!i'm not a fan of tripe

yikes!i'm not a fan of tripe but i'm glad you don't think
i'm bizarre!lol!
maybull would be considered a goddess for loving tripe!!!

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We have stores like that in Montreal

There are huge ethnic communities here and I love to go into some of their stores just to poke around. There's a Russian store not too far from where I live with some fascinating stuff in it. Some stuff I recognize and others I can only guess at.

Every so often I find myself staring at a food item, eventually figuring out what it is and thinking - yikes!! But I love that people can buy this stuff.

Fun article!

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Russian markets

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The one here has only a relatively small selection of food items... nothing like this place. But it does have a lot of beauty items (soaps, creams, etc.) that fascinate me. A lot of the products only have Slavic writing on them so I have no idea what they are.

I love your column and envy you the opportunity to discover these neat places!

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Celine - Can you check the medical forum

Not sure if you remember Gina w/Lana..but Lana is going blind and I was hoping you could give her some support with all your experiences with Stella.

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Of course!


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Thank you :)


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Mc Rib

Very interesting.  One of my favorites is ox tail soup. I also understand people eat spleen, my dogs go crazy for  beef spleen, maybe even more than liver.

Uh, don't like tripe?  Don't eat the McRib



Mean people still suck

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I looooove tripe.

I also make a mean oxtail. I've never made spleen, but in fancy restaurants, where they're called sweetbreads, you'll pay a ton. I hope the dogs appreciate that when they eat spleen.