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Help plz...

Help!!!' I have a puppy that is 6weeks. He is breaking my heart.. I have taken him to the vet atleast 15 times already .. I'm so worries about him.. He is the runt of the liter. I think he may have megaesophagus. I have been bottle feeding him which he would always aspirate after eating and burping. He has been on mush for about a week now, does better with that versus liquid. He tried a couple times to drink water from his mommies water and Ofcourse aspirates... His symptoms .... He doesn't aspirate while eating or drinking the bottle however a little bit after his meals he starts shaking his head andKinda walks in circles kinda like gasping for air then sneezes fluid out his nose. Sometimes looks like spoiled mild or bile very rarely is it his mush... While he is doing this he tries to hold his head up high.. He does this through out the day weather or not after eating... I have taken him to the vet and the bet says pharynx is good pallet good...he weight almost 3lbs.. His bowels n urine is good appetite good gaining weight. The vet says he is to small for a barrium ... Please any advice , thoughts, suggestions....has anyone experience this could my assumptions be correct or even mayb acid reflex... Please ;(


Regina maston

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Hopefully some of the breeders on here can help you

I have no experience with such a little one...  Best of luck...

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I don't know..maybe

You can just try to feed a little bit at a time so she can keep it down? Even if it's just a few drops every 30 mins, it's better then nothing? 


sincerely, christine