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Help with new food for Lola

Hey all Lola is coming up on a year old and I want to move her off of puppy food. I did a search on Google and read a lot but I just got swamped with information so I was wondering what you guys feed your bulldogs and what you can suggest.

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westcoast canine life meaty muffins

After trying 5 dfferent kinds of kibble and my lil guy having rashes among other symptoms I won't mention to spare you, I finally found a diet that works for my 7 month old. - it's a cooked diet, it is more expensive than kibble but it's human grade ingredients and I'll honestly never go back to kibble.  Diesel's skin rash went away and he poo is way smaller and goes less.  He also takes in way less water so he pees way less too. I used to buy them frozen but now I buy the dry mix and bake them for him (it's super easy).  The only problem I've ran into was when I switched the protien to beef and he had a reaction to it (he's probably allergic).  Good luck! It's tricky but when you find one that works for you stick with it.

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We feed Tucker.......

..... "Now" by Petcurean. It's grain free, has a protein level he tolerates and it's a Canadian(made in Vancouver) company which means i'm not getting my food shipped in from overseas.

We've had no issues with it. It runs approx $70-$80 a large bag but we go to a store where they offer a loyalty program so we get our 10th bag free. If you're in Canada Global Pet Foods is a great store to go to. They are usually very knowledgeable about food and can help you problem solve any issues. 

Good luck!


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Hi Lola, I whiched my Molley

Hi Lola, I whiched my Molley to Innova Prime, Grain Free Beef and Lamb formula when she was 15 months old. I love this formula for several reasons. I find it very healthier than most brands I've tried. My Molley's coat is healthy looking and more white, also she doesn't shed as much like before and doesn't pass gas very much on this formula. I always try to let people know about Innova Beef and Lamb on how well it works for my Molley. But not all Bullies are the same. You can go to Pets Mart and ask the manager if you can try the small bag of the Innove Beef and Lamb formula out before buying one as long as you return it if the formula doesn't work out for you. Most of them will do that, our local pets mart does that here. Hope this helps and good luck, I know how stessful it can be when trying to find the right formula for your bullly.

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